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About Us

We are team of IT aces that delivers all-around, full-cycle software consultation, development & support services.
If you need a unique implementation of your project idea, look no further.

Materializing Ideas
Est. 2015
Gravum is a software development service company that does outsource projects, offers a wide variety of ‘standard package’ and custom dev or related services, and targets high end quality above all. From in-depth consulting to in-house development and R&D, to product promotion, to helping you profitably, conveniently gather a team of experts for cost-saving yet efficient outsourcing – we do it all in order to push your company & projects towards the future of success.
Our passion

‘Like an artist always has a passion for what he does, so are we passionate about things we build and dedicate our honest efforts to. In the Gravum team, we have a bunch of aces that have been more than enthusiastic to grow and get better at what they do. This gives us an honest, foolproof advantage – we simply love what we do.’

– Gravum CEO, Denys Oliinyk

Our values

Deciding to build a career at Gravum means working side by side with some of the brightest minds in IT management and development to create some truly special, industry-leading software projects in transparent, responsive conditions for highly-competitive compensation.
Join us if you want to get better in your IT niche and all-around while pushing and improving the global industry at the same time!

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