Cross-Platform Development Services

Our cross-platform development services are based on comprehensive technical expertise and years of experience, enabling us to solve complex challenges with technology. We build elegant mobile apps that work seamlessly across platforms. Through our cross-platform development services, we deliver apps that are visually beautiful, feature-rich and robust. Our engineers are experienced in modern cross-platform technology stacks such as Flutter, Xamarin, React Native and Ionic.

Why use our Cross-Platform Development Services?
In recent years, the concept of cross-platform mobile app development has been gaining popularity, enabling us to write the code once and deploy it across all platforms.

Faster Development Time

App development is much faster when there is a single code base. Increased development speed results in the product being able to reach your target users across multiple platforms faster.

Cost Efficiency

Cross-platform mobile app development enables companies to invest in a single solution, that runs across all the platforms eliminating the need to spend on developing apps for every individual platform.

Reusable Code

Instead of writing new codes for every platform, developers can reuse the same code across all platforms. This cuts down on repetitive tasks, thus eliminating routine work.

Cross-Platform Development Frameworks

React Native

React Native is a Facebook-owned framework that allows building mobile apps using JavaScript. Rather than creating two separate apps for iOS and Android, developers can reuse code on both operating systems and across devices. Our team of React Native app development professionals dedicatedly offer cutting-edge mobile app development services with a progressive level of programming. At Gravum, we provide a full package of React Native development services for different industry verticals including Healthcare, Education, Travel & Transport, Social Networking.


Flutter is a mobile UI framework for building a high-quality experience on iOS and Android. It was created by Google. Flutter uses Dart, a general-purpose programming language that serves as an alternative to JavaScript and Node. Dart is designed to perform beyond the limitations of JavaScript, catering to more complex apps that aim for scalability. Despite that Flutter is a comparatively young framework, we’ve managed to get accustomed to its style and methods of functioning, thereby making us one of the best Flutter application development companies.


Ionic is a complete open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development. Ionic provides similar functionality for AngularJS that iOS UIKit provides for Objective-C/Swift, and that Android UI elements provide for Java. Ionic is a great solution for creating both mobile web apps and native apps. The Gravum web development team has expertise in using Ionic framework with the latest web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and AngularJS to develop modern, rich-featured cross-platform mobile apps.


Xamarin provides developers tools for building cross-platform mobile applications. In 2013, Xamarin introduced Xamarin Studio, a tool that allows developers to make mobile applications using the C# language. It is the perfect solution for building native applications on iOS, Android, and Windows. With its a team of experienced Xamarin engineers, Gravum creates cross-platform apps that work across mobile devices. With our services, you will stay ahead of the global competition.


Cross-platform mobile development is the development of mobile apps that can be used on multiple mobile platforms. Our developers are experienced in creating custom mobile solutions that work across multiple platforms. Whether a smartphone or tablet, our engineers are capable of creating it as a cross-platform application. At Gravum, mobile app development is one of our key competencies, and we are experienced in creating unique mobile applications that serve your business objectives.

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