Node.js Development Services

At Gravum, we are committed to creating innovative technology and understand the key requirements for the success of any project, adhering to the best development practices and in-house expertise. Our development team, located in Ukraine, Estonia, and Lithuania, have extensive Node.js experience, enabling us to offer our Node.js development services globally.

Why use our Node.js Development Services?
Node.js is easy to get started and can be used for prototyping and agile development. Web apps built on Node.js are perfect for both startups and enterprises. Our software engineers will help you to build fast and scalable solutions.


Node.js is a single-threaded language which uses multiple threads to execute asynchronous code in the background. It is also non-blocking, processing multiple tasks in one thread.


Node.js has a wide community and support, if there is anything you will require to integrate in the future, Node.js will likely be the first environment to be supported with an API or an SDK.


If your web app is gaining popularity and its demand is growing, you will need to customize it soon. With Node.js as your backend technology, any modifications shouldn’t be a problem.

Node.js Development Services Use Cases
Finding high-quality Node.js developers can be a challenge. But, Gravum offers excellent development services at a cost-effective rate. Our vast JavaScript experience and commitment to writing quality and clean code will provide you with unmatched opportunities. Our dedicated Java developers can build each module with a different set of tools, which makes Node.js adaptive to change.

Single-Page Apps

Node.js app development is great for SPAs due to its asynchronous data flow on the backend. Node.js also improves the development process by reusability of structures and approaches.


RESTful APIs are the fundamental components of any modern enterprise software solution architecture. We develop lightweight, scalable and fast REST APIs using Node.js.

Hardware Programming

Hardware includes robots, multiple embedded devices and the Internet of things (IoT). Your IoT product can get the most out of Node.js on the server to process numerous simultaneous requests.

Real-Time Applications

Real-time applications, like collaborative services and project management tools, require heavy input/output operations. Our Node.js developers ensure a seamless server operation and instant data update.


If you aim at building a chat room, you are likely to use Node.js. We use Node.js with Express.js framework on the backend to ensure that your product is lightweight, has high data flow, and traffic capacity.


Video and audio streaming send chunks of the content instead of sending everything to the front end in a single package. The nature of Node.js makes it one of the viable choices for this application.


Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform runtime environment for executing JavaScript code outside of a browser. Mainly, Node.js is used for building back-end services, also called Application Programming Services (APIs). Node.js is perfect for building highly-scalable, data-intensive, and real-time applications.
We have mastered Node.js development services as part of the MEAN/MERN stack expertise, which also includes MongoDB, Express, and AngularJS or ReactJS. Bringing together these tools, we pull off our best JavaScript combos to build modern, end-to-end web products from scratch.

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