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Dedicated Developers That Care
Gravum is a dedicated development team provider with many years of experience in delivering quality outsourcing services. We focus on providing the most value to our customers. Gravum dedicated team support services aim to improve your development processes and expose additional dev resources for your project
What is a Dedicated Team?

Dedicated team is a business model that refers to an agreement between the client and service provider, where the latter provides software development professionals to the client on a long-term basis. This model is a perfect solution when your ongoing project demands extra resources, new technologies or domain-specific expertise. Led by a project manager on your side, Gravum dedicated team of software engineers will efficiently and consistently fill your project needs, adhering to the established processes and procedures of your company

Gravum Dedicated Development Team Model: Our Approach
As you can see, we implement the customer-first paradigm and do everything possible to deliver the best results possible. Gravum dedicated team of software engineers substantially enhances your development process, and here's how:

Gravum dedicated team of IT professionals eliminates hiring costs

This is an indisputable edge of dedicated developers: you don’t spend tons of time and money on gathering a solid team. You get a developer squad right out of the box with Gravum dedicated team services. If you seek additional developers to join your in-house development department, Gravum dedicated team may be a solution you are looking for

Gravum dedicated development teams reduce your time to market

As soon as you involve our experts in your project development, your development cycle will significantly accelerate. Fast and professional, our developers boost your product delivery processes and make your development speed adjustable

Gravum dedicated teams services expose immense flexibility

Here’s the thing: Ukrainian dedicated developers are not project-driven, but rather objective-driven. This means they focus on a single task and are always ready to pivot as soon as you find it necessary. You cannot just stop the whole development process of an in-house department in the middle of a project, but you can do that with a dedicated team

Gravum augments your company with external expertise

Your developers may lack some critical knowledge to implement the idea into sophisticated functionality. Our dedicated teams are highly-qualified and are always ready for challenges.

Why Gravum?
Working with our dedicated development team is easy and it feels like working with in-house employees.

All the team members have advanced language proficiency, so you won’t face miscommunication.

Each time we choose the optimal resources with the specifically required skill set.

We are completely transparent in our process and use modern tools to track the progress.

When assembling a team, we assess soft skills and motivation factors to build an efficient and balanced team.

Why Lean Towards Gravum Services?
Gravum is a dedicated team supplier fuelled for success. Here's how we outperform the competitors


Gravum is a service provider dedicated to making an IT-industry a better place. We prioritize user satisfaction and work hard on delivering expected results in the relevant time frames


Our dedicated developers are available 24/7 through the communication channel you prefer. Gravum stays in touch regardless of date and time


Our billing system is as transparent as it can get. You can monitor and control the development process, as well as manage your dedicated team services costs. Our agile paradigm allows you to adjust the workload and software product development requirements

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights on the software our dedicated developers create belong to you. Gravum outsourcing specialists work on your product, and only you have the rights to market it

Our delivery centers in Ukraine, Lithuania, and Estonia provide us access to the most skilled and talented IT professionals in multiple locations.

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