Android Development Services

At Gravum, we build custom solutions that run seamlessly on all types of Android devices. We design the user interface, define the technology stack, develop the backend and frontend, integrate third-party services, and provide testing and support for your application. Regardless of the size of your business, we will help you to create a mobile strategy for profitable growth. 

Why Use Our Android Development Services?
We follow the latest technology trends and have practical experience in building apps for smartphones and wearables.


The Android platform is open-source which means that you do not have to worry about the licensing costs. Developers can interact with the Android developer community for future versions, which they can include in their application development projects.


Apple is mostly focused on premium customers with a higher income that limits its offer of products and gives Android more opportunities to create products for people with lower incomes. Android developers have the opportunity of making apps available to a wider audience of users.

High Returns

Our android application development service creates a high Return on Investment, due to fast and efficient development cycle and high adoption levels of the platform, making your app available to hundreds of millions of users globally.

Android App Development Services Use Cases
Android engineers at Gravum have considerable experience with Java and Kotlin in a wide range of applications.

Business Apps

Also referred to as productivity applications, this is the second most popular category of mobile apps. Modern technology enables users to stay productive on the go and perform most of the business tasks using their mobile devices.


We care for learning and self-education, which makes the category of educational apps to be one of the most popular in the application store. Educational apps are great not only for students but are valuable for teachers too.

Utility Apps

Most of us use utility apps literally every day, without even noticing it. People use them to accomplish a specific task and move on. While the task can be different, utility apps show the shortest user sessions.


Travel apps make your trip easier, more comfortable, fun and more informative. They assist travelers in each aspect of the journey and create a loyal user base for businesses in the industry.

Mobile Commerce

Apps for making online business transactions using mobile devices include the purchase and sale of a variety of goods and services, online banking, making payments while being on the go.


Apps created around specific interests and activities. From fitness and workout tracker to fashion, healthy eating, and even fishing. Such personal lifestyle apps are great to maintain or support a specific activity


Android is an open-source, customizable mobile operating system created by Google. Despite the strong popularity of the Apple iPhone platform, Android shipments worldwide meaningfully outpace Apple’s offerings. Android App Development service is one of the most popular nowadays. While mainly installed on smartphones, it is also in use on other smart devices such as TVs and watches.

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