Blockchain Solutions

The Power of Blockchain Solutions for Business

Our engagement with blockchain technology and blockchain platforms Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda started years ago. Today we deliver custom blockchain development that powers real business transformations.

Use blockchain to its full potential with us!

Improve automation and process large volumes of data at lower costs and risks, while engaging fewer people and without intermediaries.

Securely distribute and manage access to the various types of shared data or digital documents in real-time.

Benefit from enabling transparent agreements and transactional history for aspects of your business.

Build or adopt blockchain infrastructure and fully meet business needs and industry standards.


Blockchain was created as a way of storing records, composed of digital information that’s distributed. This means the data can be shared among a variety of users and can only be updated by a consensus or agreement of the actual users of the system. Understanding that blockchain changes the way that business is done, Gravum offers consulting and custom blockchain development for various business needs.

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