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We work with startups and enterprises in the financial industry to develop their technology and grow revenue. Seamless user experience, cloud architecture, data privacy, information integrity, and advanced security are integral parts of our Fintech solutions.

Why use our FinTech services?

In today’s digital age, people are looking for easy access, convenience, efficiency, and speed. Users want to conduct transactions via mobile technology platforms and applications, and such activities include managing their financial lives, whether that is tracking their overall spending, applying for a loan, or optimizing their investment strategies.


Compared to traditional banking services, which are slow, FinTech alternatives work at lightning speeds. Online lenders and mobile banks offer real-time updates, so a user can check in their account or cash advance balance at any time.


FinTech services remove barriers and improve the quality of service. Online platforms can process requests at any time, making FinTech banking alternatives more convenient for those people who work odd hours.


Customer-first services mean they’re offering a better overall experience than traditional banking. FinTech companies are doing that by being transparent with their services and engaging their customers with a focus on shared value creation.

What is FinTech Used for?
We offer full cycle Fintech software development services to existing businesses and startups globally.

Digital Banking

Our FinTech development teams work with financial institutions to develop seamless user experience integrated with existing digital banking platforms or digital banking solutions developed from scratch.

Payments & Money Transfers

We create comprehensive payment solutions that implement fraud protection, high volume processing, high availability, security, customers verification, transaction monitoring, and if required, integrations with 3rd party services.


We create multi-channel trading platforms and marketplaces that shorten financial cycles and make financing less expensive and more transparent. Our team will take on the engineering process, making trading solution secure and reliable.


Many businesses find it difficult to apply the blockchain technology correctly. Gravum software architects will help you gain a competitive advantage using blockchain technology to meet business objectives.


FinTech is all about creating value and solving existing problems in the financial industry by using technology. FinTech companies are disrupting sectors such as mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising, traditional banking, foreign exchange, investing, and asset management.

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