Internet of Things Solutions

Creating a Connected World Together

We have developed the expertise and skills to help us deliver a full range of Internet of Things solutions. Our software architects develop IoT solutions that align with your business needs and use the Internet of Things solutions for the advantage of your business.

Why use Internet of Things?

The benefits of collecting and analyzing data from connected devices are endless, and here are just a few of them

Provide a Better Customer Experience

The automatic interconnection of technology is generating more effective customer experiences by increasing comfort and convenience, thus leading to a  better quality of life. B2B companies can benefit from the IoT and can enrich the customer experience by providing accurate, real-time information.

Increase Security

As hacking and other types of digital security threats become more common, it’s necessary for businesses to maintain security to encourage customer trust. IoT allows for increased security through encryption and authentication that only allows access to authorized individuals. It includes biometrics technologies with fingerprinting, eye-scanning, and voice recognition devices.

Enable Automation & Control

Due to physical objects getting connected and controlled digitally and centrally with a wireless infrastructure, there is a large amount of automation and control in the workings. Without human intervention, the machines are able to communicate with each other leading to faster and timely results.

Gather Data

The Internet of Things enables businesses to gather a wide range of data about their customers and their products, giving them a deeper understanding of how those products are used and how they can be developed in the future to give customers an even better user experience.

What is IoT Used for?
We possess expertise in numerous domains of connected IoT solutions, ranging from consumption of goods to cloud-based IoT platforms that share data with users worldwide.

Automotive Industry

IoT is transforming automotive business models. IoT-related technologies draw the map for the industry to follow, and the connected cars will play a major role on the roads and in the economy of the future. We help our clients improve productivity, analytics, driving experience, and safety by providing such IoT development services as software for automotive sensors, gateways and devices, end-user web and mobile app development. data analytics, visualization, and reporting, etc.

Smart Homes

Our houses get smarter as technology allows people to manage home appliances and devices remotely using the web and mobile software. Gravum brings in smart solutions as part of our IoT expertise by unlocking the power of connected devices beyond only home automation. We combine backends and interfaces into a single smart and easy-to-use system that allows users to manage the entire home as one unit.


Smart devices help healthcare providers increase efficiency through improved diagnostics and monitoring, thus helping patients who require constant supervision.
Gravum supports healthcare organizations and IoT companies on their ways to deliver better care with the help of value-based IoT solutions that take full advantage of mobile devices and the cloud.

Consumer Electronics

Connected Consumer Electronics represents a range of new smart devices that are becoming a part of our everyday lives. Whether it’s a connected plug or personal health monitor, the sharing of Internet content is changing the way we live. Consumers now have access to new ways of interacting with each other, gadgets and home appliances from anywhere within mobile coverage range.


The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connection of devices to the internet using embedded software and sensors to communicate, collect and exchange data with one another. IoT connects sensors with devices and people, allowing a form of a conversation between a man and machine, software and hardware. IoT is a network of “smart” devices that use wireless technology to talk to one another and to users. The main idea behind IoT is to automate our lives and make it more efficient. The dedicated team at Gravum have the expertise of working with all technology platforms and IoT programming languages (Java, JavaScript, Swift) to help you create a secure and scalable software that will fit your business needs.

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