1st Call

A Case Study

Client Description
US-based funeral company
Objective C, Fingerprint scanner
Target platform
Custom firmware
5 weeks
1st Call is the cutting-edge application for funeral company drivers
Business Challenge
1st Call is the cutting-edge application for funeral company drivers. App offers a broad variety of features to optimize the data and signature collection when picking up the body of a deceased person.

Here are the 1st Call app functionality aspects worth mentioning:

  • Deceased information gathering. App provides a convenient interface for entering the person’s name, time and place of death, etc;
  • Family signatures collection. This is an integral step to the legalization of the deceased body collection;
  • Fingerprints collection. Gravum integrated Biometric Fingerprint Accessory from Fulcrum Biometrics to allow fingerprint data acquisition;
  • Item list documentation. 1st Call app saves the photos of items family wants to remain with a body. We’ve developed this functionality to address the possible accusations of theft.

Fast and lightweight, 1st Call app serves the funeral companies well, making the funeral process the least painful possible for the family members.