Piccolo Pictures Book

A Case Study

Client Description
Netherlands-based publishing company
Adobe Flex, Java, MySQL, Objective C
Target platform
iOS IPad, Web
8 monthes
Piccolo Pictures Book app is the revolution in the book culture
Business Challenge
Books are naturally exciting. We nonetheless find the long reading sessions somewhat tedious. What if we could add some interaction to the reading process? What if we could open books for ourselves from another perspective?

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Piccolo Pictures Book has an answer. Piccolo Pictures Book is an IPad app with countless interactive books. Users can have a truly immersive reading experience full of special effects. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Custom animation. We always imagine how book characters look like, how they move and talk. Now the author has an opportunity to express it in the custom graphics animation;
  • Audio effects. It sometimes seems we could give anything just to hear the main character’s culmination speech in real life. Well, it’s not just a dream anymore with Piccolo Pictures Book app audio capabilities;
  • Author’s notes. We all know how useful the author’s entries can be. The publisher doesn’t need to put them directly into the book text now. It is a convenient way to separate the author’s notes from the book content.

Piccolo Pictures Book has a web-based book builder. Authors create interactive books and publish them to the application, so they are available to all users. Piccolo Pictures Book also offers paid content. You can unlock premium books via in-app purchases and enjoy premium-quality materials without limits.

Piccolo Pictures Book app is the revolution in the book culture. It is a way to bring new people to the world’s reading club and to show that books can be interactive.

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