Monster Lead Group

A Case Study

Client Description
Monster Lead Group, a direct mail marketing company in the loan business.
Project Overview
Gravum migrated existing web applications from outdated technologies to modern ones and provided ongoing support for them. Also, Gravum developed new applications to help improve the day-to-day workflow of MLG.
Angular, .NET Core, Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Web Services
$0.5 million
Invested Amount
2016 - Ongoing
Status of Engagement
7 People
People Involved
Business Challenge
Monster Lead Group has built multiple applications to help them maintain their marketing business. Among those were ERP, CRM, and many other smaller ones. Over time, MLG has acquired more clients, their business has grown, but their existing software solutions were not scaling well. They have become harder to maintain, their stability and performance have deteriorated and MLG has reached out to Gravum to help them organize their processes and applications in a better way.

Gravum’s Role And Solution

Gravum and the client started working together to migrate all of the existing software to modern technologies to help improve their stability and maintainability. We have performed all background programming, development and testing. During our work together, we learned how MLG utilized the old applications, and how some processes could be migrated to the new ones. The processes that could not be migrated were improved, duplicated or eliminated when possible. We had daily calls with the customer to clarify the workflow of the systems that were migrated.

Gravum has also provided ongoing support for all MLG employees using their internal applications, as well as MLG clients using the external applications. We have created multiple integrations with popular CRMs, among those Velocify, Insellerate, Lead MailBox and Unify, as well as any other CRMs that were being used by MLG clients. All of those integrations were done by Gravum and MLG was spared of all the unnecessary communication with developers of mentioned CRMs.

Aiming to be as efficient as possible, Gravum provided varying team sizes depending on the client’s needs. The project began with one developer, QA engineer and project manager all working closely with the client.


Through Gravum services, the client must no longer rely on antiquated software or equipment. Performance of their software has improved immensely and stability is more reliable than ever before. They no longer need to worry about production downtimes that previously resulted in significant financial implications. Their employees can now reach out to Gravum if they need immediate assistance and receive the necessary support .

MLG has invested over $0.5 million with us since August 2016 when we began working together. Improvements are ongoing, with changes being incorporated on a weekly basis. It has been a successful journey for both of us.

What Impressed Them

MLG was most impressed with our ability to pick up new technologies and get them swiftly working to their specifications.
Gravum’s ability to keep up with everything that MLG wants to do has kept them coming back for more.