Sales Boomerang

A Case Study

Client Description
US-based loan company
AWS, Node.JS, Angular, MySQL, MongoDB
Target platform
Ongoing project, 2016 - present
Sales Boomerang is a loan company with progressive ideas
Business Challenge
Sales Boomerang is a loan company with progressive ideas. They wanted to make a change in the loan industry, to bring innovation to the mortgage lending. We love to discover new business opportunities here at Gravum, so our cooperation with Sales Boomerang has begun.

Sales Boomerang introduced an idea of Automated Borrower Intelligence and Retention system. It is a software product allowing the company to track when their existing and prior customers are shopping for a mortgage. This software also performs a background check on the client and provides the owner with the loan relevance figures. It alerts the loan company the moment unqualified lead meets the minimum criteria and becomes qualified for loan services.

As you understand, this is quite an ambitious project. There are no credible alternatives to such functionality in the world to date, so there isn’t anything similar to study and learn from.

One of the most noticeable problems in such experimental projects is data gathering. Gravum had to make sure we are on the same page with the customer. We understand that working closely with the customer is the key to accurate requirements specification gathering. This is why daily calls, regular meetings, and corporate chats are a must for creating a valid statement of work.

As soon as we gathered all the requirements and definitions, the development has begun. Gravum implemented sophisticated project management techniques to reach the best cost-effectiveness possible.

Client responsiveness and our dedication made delivering rich functionality in the timely manner possible. Sales Boomerang now benefits from a comprehensive borrower intelligence and retention solution. Our cooperation continues and remains fruitful to date.