A Case Study

Client Description
Norwegian startup company
Objective C, Java
Target platform
Android and iOS
4 monthes
TV2Sporty is an innovation in the sports app sector
Business Challenge
Imagine you could track your training experience while receiving audio feedback, get the calories and heart rate charts and were able to share them with friends. Imagine you could get a personal training program from the experts on a dedicated forum. With TV2Sporty, it's real.

TV2Sporty is an innovation in the sports app sector. Refined design and outstanding functionality are complemented by unique features:

  • Route split. Want to track and analyze some exact part of your route? TV2Sporty provides detailed statistics for each kilometer you go;
  • Achievements sharing. Reach new heights and share your achievements with friends;
  • Advanced training management. Get your exercises under total control. Set the maximum heart rate, calorie burn limit, and distance.

TV2Sporty app is a Norwegian startup aiming to provide a quality training experience for different exercising formats: walking, running, cycling. It cares about your training consistency and logs all your workout sessions. This way you can track the overall performance and see where there is room for improvement in your exercising habits.

TV2Sporty is a revolutionary sports app. Start your journey with TV2Sporty today and bring your workout experience to the next level.