A Case Study

Client Description
Finland investment group
Java, Tomcat, Hibernate, Spring Security, Bootstrap, AngularJS, MySQL, Stripe
Target platform
2 months
VRoomService is the software product joining restaurant owners and hotel guest.
Business Challenge
Quality food services are often an issue when traveling and staying in a hotel. We can spend hours in futile attempts to find food delivery services in several apps. If you don't want to put up with overpriced and low-quality food, we present you the VRoomService app.

VRoomService is the software product joining restaurant owners and hotel guests. This business model is viable because there is no delivery middleman between restaurants and consumers. It significantly reduces the service costs.

What is more crucial, VRoomService app offers convenient dashboard-powered interfaces for both restaurants and consumers. Here are the most outstanding profile features worth mentioning:

  • Cuisine profile. VRoomService allows restaurants to create refined cuisine profiles. Show your specialty to consumers, fill your profile with mouth-watering pictures of your delicious dishes, specify your working hours. Let hungry users find you;
  • Custom user dashboard. VRoomService understands the consumer tastes and generates personal restaurants lists, cuisine dashboards. VRoomService cares about the customer experience and displays only the relevant content to users.

Thanks to the external gateways integrations, VRoomService is a self-contained solution. Stripe payment processor complements the app with fast and secure payments. This is why VRoomService is all you need to order quality food delivered directly to your hotel room. Download VRoomService app today and forget about the hotel food issues forever.