Killer Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

Handling a transaction for any entrepreneur is an overwhelming and gratifying experience. However, you’ve got different responsibilities to handle. From conducting extensive research to understand your target audience, gather and manage useful resources, preserving effective interaction, boosting brand reputation and getting in touch with future clients, an entrepreneur has to undergo different stages during the growth of the business. We care for you and your business too. Thus, we have compiled an exhaustive list of the 20 best business apps in 2020 that will help you take your business to the next level. These apps will help you assign, arrange, and manage all the necessary tasks and assignments assigned to your team members. Not all apps mentioned below are curated for managing responsibilities and duties; some are also helpful in managing your transactions and payment methods.  


Traveling around the world for urgent meetings with clients is a daunting task for any business owner. Slack is one of the essential apps for business that helps an entrepreneur to get in touch with his team always even when he is traveling somewhere. The app works as an all-in-one interaction tool to send and receive important business files and messages. The app also avails you of the option of direct messaging to the team members.


Toggl app works best for entrepreneurs that want to track and monitor the proper working of their employees. It helps business owners and employees to maintain their productivity and efficiency. Toggl is among those mobile business apps that work even offline. With the help of this app, team managers and employees can easily track time spent on a particular task or assignment. Team managers can easily access the Toggl reports to track the most visited websites of their employees.


If you think that managing social media marketing or social media platforms is challenging, then Buffer app is for you. The app has been designed majorly for startup organizations to help them achieve their goals in less time. It is one of the most popular apps for small business enterprisesIt helps business owners know and evaluate the active timings of their target audiences on social media channels. Buffer app comes with easy navigation and a user-friendly interface that makes the work easy and smarter for any entrepreneur. Some of the social media channels that Buffer app works on are:

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram 

Rescue Time 

If you are a squanderer and want to keep track of how much time you or your employees spend on social media apps, Rescue Time has come to your’ rescue.’ Due to its unique features and characteristics, the app is popular among the best business apps in 2020The app helps keep track of different websites and social media platforms accessed by you and give you a detailed report of the same along with the proper timing. 

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For any entrepreneur or businessman or even a common man, peace of mind is paramount. Without it, neither employee nor employers would be able to work on their goals. Headspace is an app that helps you calm your mind and takes you to a world of refreshment and peace of mind. Whenever you get exhausted from business meetings and failures in business, turn on the app, and start meditating. Its supreme qualities and features are the reasons why it is among the essential apps for business. 


Being a business owner, getting up to date with the trending, and the latest podcasts are crucial for business’ growth. You can also get to know podcasts shared by your competitors or friends and extract the qualitative ideas for your business. The YoupreneurFm is a popular podcast preferred by entrepreneurs, regardless of the size of their business. The business-related podcasts help you in updating about the latest trends and business modules. Many enterprises are gaining long-term success with the help of this app. Apart from the large-scale business; Podcasts are also among the best apps for small business enterprises.


As a business owner, you need to keep different information and data with you. 1Password is among those essential apps for business that helps you keep your private information and data secure. You can keep your login and password and other credentials secured with written password options. No one would be having access to the app without your permission. Apart from the business credentials information, you can also keep your bank account details, credit card, and debit card credentials personal and private by accessing the 1Password app. These are some of the reasons why this app is listed in the best business apps in 2020


If you keep productivity goals above the business goals, managing the projects and assignments is hassle-free with the Trello app. Top entrepreneurs are considering the Trello app as one of the essential apps for business. You can easily keep track of the working and task assigned to every team member of your business. The app offers the users to set the status of an assignment so that the reporting manager would be notified about the task after completion. Trello app is something that is the best app for both small- and large-scale businesses in achieving their entrepreneurial goals.  


If you are a passionate freelancer or consultant or if you are planning to establish a startup company, then the Wave app is for you. The app is popular among the apps for small business enterprises that help businesses in keeping track of their financial statements, invoices, and receipts. The app automatically generates invoices and bills regarding a particular transaction. Business owners and freelancers can benefit from the timely notifications offered by the app for pending sales.  

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Managing a business is not an easy task. Regardless of your tiring routine and back to back business meetings, you must keep pace with the latest trends in the industry. Don’t worry; Flipboard is here to help you out. The app helps you inform about all the latest updates about content marketing, social media marketing, and other fields of work. This app is present in the top business mobile apps. You can save all the informative data and information related to your business in this app and can easily stay updated with the modern trends. 


Now that you have got enough information about the top business mobile apps you’d know which app to pick for the growth and development of your business that will keep it going. These apps are time-saving and cost-effective for all small to large scale businesses. From managing finances to keeping a track record of all the team members of your organization, these are some of the best business apps 2020. These apps directly or indirectly have the potential to boost your employees’ productivity and, ultimately, your business. Moreover, these apps are also helpful in increasing brand value and brand recognition. Building customer loyalty and bringing in more traffic has become less challenging with the introduction of these apps into the business.