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The Best Node.js Frameworks to Use in 2020

The Best Nodejs Frameworks to Use in 2019

JavaScript is one of the most widely-used languages today. As a perfect option for app, web, and game development, Java gains more and more popularity in the programming community. The high demand naturally brings a number of Node.js frameworks created to improve and quicken building and prototyping. The first environment…

Reasons To Outsource Software Development To Ukraine

Software Development Outsourcing: Top 5 Reasons To Ousource To Ukraine. Gravum? photo

According to consulting companies, IT magazines, and experts, Ukraine is considered to be the best place for software development outsourcing in Eastern Europe. It also ranks 4th in the world by the number of technical specialists. Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and other IT giants choose Ukraine as their destination for software…

Tips on Picking The Best Web Development Tools

Web development tools Gravum photo

Modern web development tools are far beyond the traditional HTML, CSS, and plain JavaScript stack. Web app development now is a much more sophisticated process requiring numerous technologies involved to keep it viable. This is why the web technology stack issue arises. Here are the cutting-edge web technologies to date….

10 Reasons Why You Need to Start Software Development Outsourcing

10 Reasons Why You Need to Start Software Development Outsourcing

Software development companies depend on IT teams heavily. Indeed, your internal developers are the heart and soul of your business. However, sometimes the workflow becomes too intense and you need someone second-guessed to rely on. Also, there are projects that seem to be too costly when done in-house. At this…

Software Development Outsourcing: How To Avoid Pitfalls

outsource Software Development

Software development outsourcing has become a global trend for the last decade. But what’s more fascinating, it can be easily applied to both IT giants and small start-ups. According to statistics, almost half of US companies from Silicon Valley deliver their projects to IT specialists from other countries. Although the…

Useful Tactics To Outsourcing Software Development

Useful Tactics To Outsourcing Software Development

Some of you might have heard of the term “Business Outsourcing”. This is when a business hires a third party to serve its client indirectly. This is a very useful technique by which two companies can partner up to serve a single client. Usually, a large corporation would partner with…

The Ultimate Guide to Offshore Software Development in Ukraine 2020

Offshore Software Development in Ukraine 2020

Ukraine is one of the most popular and promising locations for offshore software development among the countries of Eastern Europe. Let’s shed some light on the key specifics of offshore development in this country in 2020. The Essentials of Offshore Software Development Offshores are territories that provide special business conditions…

List of Top 5 Software Development Outsourcing Companies in 2020

List of Top 5 Software Development Outsourcing Companies in 2020

The global outsourcing market was estimated to be 85.6 billion US dollars in 2019 and it’s only growing further. Why do businesses opt for outsourcing? It enables cost optimization and makes the business more efficient and effective. Did you know that almost 59% of companies outsource their IT projects to…