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AWS Cloud Migration by Gravum is the best way to modernize your business!

What Is the Importance of AWS Cloud Migration?

The world around us is rapidly changing, and so does the way of doing business. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to evolve your company if you do not have enough computational power. However, running and maintaining a massive number of servers is both expensive and impractical. Therefore, the best way…

How To Handle AWS Cloud Migration

How To Handle AWS Cloud Migration

How well you can cope with your computer workloads is the thing that determines your business competitivity in the present digital era. To be precise, it matters only when you operate all your applications and websites on an on-premise basis. Both the hardware and software you own require a well-developed…

3 Ways A Cloud Provider Can Help Your Business In Covid-19

Ways A Cloud Provider Can Help Your Business

Bullet-proof Your Business With Smart Cloud Solutions¬† A viable mitigation plan is a crucial part of the business agenda of any business. Determining the business risks and the possible action plans to counteract the intensity of a disaster has been very challenging. It has even tripled up to speak in…

The Most Recommended Cloud Consulting Companies for 2020 by TechReviewer

Most Recommended Cloud Consulting Companies for 2020 by TechReviewer

Nowadays, an increasing number of users prefer not to keep personal data on a specific device or bind it to a location. The most efficient solution in this matter is the cloud where you can store information remotely and have access to it anytime, anywhere. The popularity of such services…

AWS for Cloud Migration

AWS cloud migration

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud platform powered by Amazon (an e-commerce giant that is in charge of more than a third of the e-market). Recently this service broke the record by becoming a $10 billion business. Benefits of Cloud Migration Today, more and more businesses are opting for…

Cloud Application Migration: Best Practices

application migration

Cloud migration was a process born out of necessity. Initially, most applications placed their data in personal processing centers to provide full security. The development of cloud technologies and rapid market changes brought forth new requirements. One of them is great scalability, which we can find only after a cloud…

6 Reasons To Lean Towards Cloud Applications Development

Cloud Applications Development photo As technology develops, the cloud applications concept gets more and more interest from both customers and developers. This happens for a reason: cloud-based applications combine the outstanding functionality and features of a desktop app while remaining flexible like web software. Let's discover 6 reasons why cloud computing applications are the...

Top Cloud-Based Apps – 4 Solutions You Can Learn From

cloud-based apps Gravum photo

Cloud-based apps are a hit now. Obtaining full desktop functionality in the browser app is a fascinating opportunity cloud apps provide. However, cloud computing – as a concept – does not bring your software success by itself. Here’s the thing: every single technology can become meaningless and useless when misused….