Ways A Cloud Provider Can Help Your Business

Bullet-proof Your Business With Smart Cloud Solutions 

A viable mitigation plan is a crucial part of the business agenda of any business. Determining the business risks and the possible action plans to counteract the intensity of a disaster has been very challenging. It has even tripled up to speak in this time of pandemic menace. 

Born Out Of Pandemic 

There is no way businesses are going to have the yesteryear credits after the hard-hit pandemic has taken over their territories. But the good news is, the harder the challenges, the resilient the enterprises can get. So there is always a test that brings promotion to every business. If you are a startup or an SME, you still have the opportunity to learn from what the large enterprises have been doing to tackle this on a global scale. 

Rooks To Geeks – Cloud Favors All

As a business enterprise, you are not unaware of the technological landscape evolution, which means you cannot be a rook to the concept of cloud computing. Cloud computing is the sole space to conduct a business, any business. So you probably are knowledgeable about the cloud and its many advantages, else you wouldn’t be here. But the twist is, the cloud has been evolving and has had quite a several changes to meet the growing challenges of different businesses. So it is essential that you understand these changes and how they can positively impact your business. In a time when threats keep increasing, you have to be ready for anything, even worse than Covid-19 – an alien attack would not be an exaggeration!

Queries To Consider

So let us get straight to the details. First, ask these questions and find out if you already have an answer to all of them. If not, you can then find out to determine where your core needs are depending upon the nature of your business.

  • How scalable is the private cloud model?
  • How far can it handle unpredictable spikes?
  • Can private cloud providers offer flexible solutions for the deployment of new services on demand?
  • Is the private cloud platform intrinsically robust?

If you are like any other business enterprise, are concerned about leveraging your remote workforce, you should also be questioning the efficiency, resilience, and reliability of cloud services. You have to understand that cloud gaining the limelight like never before is a sign that it is in the right stance in providing resilience, adaptability, and scalability to you as a business service provider.

Cloud computing service Provider

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Types of Cloud Services

Cloud Providers With A Calling

Forget the pre-pandemic cloud. Cloud today has had a completely new outlook, with revolutionary changes inside-out. Cloud computing service providers offer innovative cloud solutions that are phenomenal in four unique ways – robustness, redundancy, continuity, and zero downtime disaster recovery.

Cloud providers understand your dependence on videoconferencing and related collaboration tools. They know how your needs have exhausted the capacity of your back-end supporting services, particularly in handling the spiking network traffic. Therefore, cloud services acknowledge your needs and have optimized their solutions to evolve as a robust, redundant architecture that has the most effective disaster recovery plans to help you through uncertain times 24×7.

Here are three distinct ways of how cloud providers can help your business carry out its goals free of downtimes during COVID-19.

Optimized Spike Handling to VPN and cloud-supported applications

Increased consumption of digital media and online streaming has been a boon to businesses. But it has equally brought in some of the most critical challenges for enterprises across various domains. It is here the reliable cloud service providers can help you streamline your abilities, thereby increasing productivity. The robust architecture and redundancy of cloud solutions offer a well-built cloud structure to handle unexpected spikes in demand.

The possible cloud slowdowns and a considerable lag in handling load spikes are due to the capacity of VPN and traffic issues. It is because VPNs are dependent on server connections irrespective of whether they are on the public or private networks. As a result, end-users suffer facing issues like limited bandwidth and slower loads. Cloud providers that host VPN servers, private networks, and internet services today offer every assistance to help you understand your privileges. They offer every help to expand their services at a fair cost. 

Customized network protocols are in place depending on your needs, offering an easy way of handling load spikes without compromising on bandwidth. That way, you don’t have to go for expensive deals on gaining bandwidths for your business.

24×7 Availability And Zero Downtime Progress Reports

Cloud providers have optimized their strategies in handling unexpected load spikes and other disruptions caused during Covid-19. They offer round-the-clock service availability on their remote services. Reliable service continuity plans are always in place to handle any supply chain disruptions. Their cloud data center resources are well-equipped to ensure that they never run short of any essentials like chips or servers. An optimized manufacturing facility is in place to handle such issues.

Cloud providers offer comprehensive service continuity plans. They leverage the potential of their remote team across a diverse workforce for management. They adhere to regular stress testing of their cloud data centers, networks, and services and also circulate their performance results frequently to their cloud customers to ensure that their business is in good hands.  

Ways A Cloud computing service Provider Can Help Your Business In Covid-19
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Cloud Services Beyond The Cloud

Taking in to account the financial challenges faced by cloud customers ranging from startups to SMEs, cloud providers have come up with financial relief strategies to help customers tackle their revenue challenges. A variety of cloud-based collaboration, like managed cloud services and video conferencing is available at a discount in these times of disaster. Many of them are also offered for free or made available over a limited time, depending on the plan you find feasible. These plans cater to offset the losses a business could have faced in terms of wages or revenue. 

Cloud computing service providers not only limit their services to the business in the way they help in-house processes. They also indirectly impact the work of other workers that are not related to a business technically, for example, the staff that works in essential roles such as janitors, logistic workers, and staff from other departments. Cloud providers indirectly benefit a business by offsetting losses in wages or revenue. This way, they not only help your business process directly but also help you to preserve and sustain some of the essential services like these until everything can hit back to normalcy.

Best Time – Cloud Time 

If you are planning to move your business to the cloud, this is the best time to go ahead and make that choice to preserve the future of your business. But check with your cloud service provider if they offer you all three of the services that we came across in this article. It is only a matter of time to get into a long time agreement with a cloud business partner, and your business is guaranteed to shoot up.