Author: Karen Harvey

JavaScript Development: Modern Features You Should Know

JavaScript Development: Modern Features You Should Know

JavaScript development is the leading solution for both front-end and back-end web development projects. Numerous JS frameworks are enhancing the JavaScript developer experience. As a result, it provides devs with more time to focus on focus on quality user experience as well. At the same time, the technology itself is…

The Best Node.js Frameworks to Use in 2020

The Best Nodejs Frameworks to Use in 2019

JavaScript is one of the most widely-used languages today. As a perfect option for app, web, and game development, Java gains more and more popularity in the programming community. The high demand naturally brings a number of Node.js frameworks created to improve and quicken building and prototyping. The first environment…

How To Handle AWS Cloud Migration

How To Handle AWS Cloud Migration

How well you can cope with your computer workloads is the thing that determines your business competitivity in the present digital era. To be precise, it matters only when you operate all your applications and websites on an on-premise basis. Both the hardware and software you own require a well-developed…

Tips on Picking The Best Web Development Tools

Web development tools Gravum photo

Modern web development tools are far beyond the traditional HTML, CSS, and plain JavaScript stack. Web app development now is a much more sophisticated process requiring numerous technologies involved to keep it viable. This is why the web technology stack issue arises. Here are the cutting-edge web technologies to date….

CRM Solutions For Finance: Ideas, Trends, And Prospects

Finance CRM Solutions

CRM solutions in the finance industry are different. Because they don’t work on standard direct exchange aka ‘pay-for product’ or ‘pay-for-services’, they require more complex solutions. Banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and funds – all of them function as stewards of customers’ assets, and, thus, should optimize each internal operation…

Software Development Outsourcing: How To Avoid Pitfalls

outsource Software Development

Software development outsourcing has become a global trend for the last decade. But what’s more fascinating, it can be easily applied to both IT giants and small start-ups. According to statistics, almost half of US companies from Silicon Valley deliver their projects to IT specialists from other countries. Although the…

Why Software Development Companies Are More Reliable On Mobile App?

Software Development Companies Are More Reliable On Mobile App

App development is known as one of the most important things to grow a business. If you want to make a change in your business, you can easily rely on software development companies. A mobile app development company will have the reliability to create mobile apps. Here are some things…

How Can You Build A Smart Home With IoT?

How Can You Build A Smart Home With IoT

With the progress in technology, we have had our hope high on having a smart home with everything automated. We dreamed of most of these things – automatic vacuum cleaners, smart mirrors, wireless kitchen appliances, and many other things that would alter our lives forever. IoT smart devices are expected…