The dedicated development team is amongst the most efficient outsourcing models out there nowadays, and there are reasons for this. You see, an outsourcing team of fully committed developers is an impressive development force. Moreover, the dedicated team model brings numerous dev cycle and marketing benefits for the customer.

Let’s discover the most substantial dedicated team edges over the outsourcing alternatives and figure out how to pick the best one for you.

Dedicated Development Team: What Are The Benefits?

This outsourcing model exposes the following development advantages:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Compared to in-house development, dedicated teams only charge you when they are working on your project. As soon as dev team achieves the project goals, you stop spending money;
  • Deep understanding of your software objectives. Dedicated teams don’t mind spending enough time to understand your project goals. Compared to fixed-price outsourcing, the dedicated team model fits the projects with comprehensive business logic;
  • Flexibility. Because dedicated development teams charge an hourly rate, they don’t mind to pivot or drastically change the software concept. This lets you stay ready for unexpected turns of events.

As you can see, this outsourcing model can stand out from the alternatives thanks to its set of unique features. Here’s the list of project types suitable for the dedicated team model:

  • Internal Enterprise software with very specific business logic;
  • Flexible custom projects without a clear statement of work;
  • Agile startups ready to pivot.

Dedicated Development Team: How to Choose Your One

Now that you know where to use this model of software development outsourcing, it is time to figure out how to choose a dedicated team that will meet your expectations for quality, cost-effectiveness, and performance. 

dedicated development team1. Gather As Much Project Requirements As Possible: Prepare For The Discussion

The very first thing is preparation. The more clear technical requirements you can prepare, the less time you will spend explaining developers what to do. Naturally, the statement of work should reflect all your requirements. Now, hear us hear: here at Gravum we understand, that it is usually impossible to think through every tiny bit of the project in advance. Just try your best to get as well prepared as you can.

2. Research Dedicated Development Teams On The Market: Know Your Options

As soon as your project requirements are ready, begin your research. Don’t stop on the first dedicated team that seems a somewhat satisfying option. Figure out which options the market has to offer. This way you maximize your chances of picking the most fitting outsourcing team for your goals.

3. Interview Decent Candidates: Make Sure You Choose Quality

You are halfway to making progress. Now, let’s interview some of these developers. Here’s why the interviewing process is crucial to your project success:

  • You want to be sure the outsourcing team understands your objectives;
  • You want to know whether this exact team is a good fit for the project. The thing is, a team that spent all its time developing music apps can simply not understand your FinTech app specifics;
  • You want to see their vision. Every dedicated team approaches the task with its own unique style. This impacts the final results substantially.

On balance, a team interview is integral to picking the best outsourcing services.

Dedicated Development Team: How To Know You Have Made The Right Choice?

You can hardly understand whether the team meets your expectations right after the hire. Some time should pass, so you can collect the data and see the trend.

Here are four performance tracking techniques for dedicated team evaluation:

  • QA kickback rate;
  • Milestones reach figures;
  • Whole development cycle time;
  • Historical data comparison.

You can learn them all in our blog: Dedicated Development Team Productivity

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a small agile startup or a large-scale Enterprise, a dedicated team may be a relevant option for your software development outsourcing. Flexible, business-friendly, cost-effective, this model introduces immense development capabilities and lets you see the outsourcing from another perspective.

If you seek for a quality developer team, drop a line to Gravum development experts. Our professionals are customer-oriented and always strive for excellence in their job. Start working with Gravum – find out that dedicated development team can be professional, easy-going, and cost-effective at the same time.