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More and more businesses tend to hire a dedicated team of developers instead of conventional in-house software development. What is more fascinating, this trend covers a broad variety of industries, including both IT-related ones and not. Let’s find out why you should hire a dedicated team of developers. We will also figure out how to select the best dedicated team of developers.

Hire Dedicated Team of Developers: Reasons to Opt For Development Outsourcing

Dedicated outsourcing teams have a list of edges over traditional software development approaches. Let’s discover 3 major reasons to lean towards outsourcing your product development.

1. Outsourcing Is Cost-Effective: Start Saving Your Budget Right Away

When it comes to in-house software product development, you often spend a considerable amount of time and money before the actual development. Here are the most significant resource consumers:

  • Hiring process. If your product is not a Tetris game, you’ll need a full team of developers, QA engineers, project managers, and marketers. As you may have guessed, it will take a while to build a team suitable for your project. Moreover, HR services cost an appreciable amount of money;
  • Software development equipment. If you have ever seen a developer workspace, you know it consists of a powerful computer, a couple of huge screens, and a bunch of other complementary equipment. Now, multiply the cost of such workspace by the number of your employees to get a total price of providing your team with what they need to work;
  • Comfortable office and other benefits. Your developers won’t work in a barn. You have to provide a comfortable office, as well as other small things like insurance, gym, language lessons, and other benefits.

When it comes to the dedicated development team for hiring, you only pay for the software development services it provides. This means all initial expenses mentioned above can be avoided by opting for development outsourcing.

2. Outsourcing Is Convenient: Trust The Software Engineering To Professionals

Businesses of all market sectors face the same issue: the hidden expenses are unexpectedly high when it comes to software development. Here’s what we mean:

  • Entrepreneurs have to engage in development planning too much. Business owners and decision-makers have the work to do. However, they often forced to get involved in development planning too often. This leads to substantial time losses. And we all know that time is money;
  • In-house team management. Some employee suddenly leaves the company, the other one wants an extra day off and the salary raise. Handling the business routine like that doesn’t let you focus on what really matters.

If you hire a team of dedicated developers, all these inconveniences will vanish. All you need to do is to come up with project requirements and find a quality software development outsourcing provider. The latter will do the rest.

3. Outsourcing Is Flexible: Get Full Control Of Your Business Strategy

Our outsourcing specialists at Gravum understand that the in-house software development model will always lack flexibility. Imagine the following situation: you need an enterprise app. We won’t introduce the business-specific details, because it’s not the point here. The thing is, the application of intermediate complexity takes 2 – 3 months to develop, test, and deploy.

Now, here’s the kicker: as soon as your developers complete the milestones, their services will no longer be needed. Hear us out: any software product needs maintenance from time to time. But this doesn’t mean you want to keep 6 developers to support your application. You see, this is when you start losing money.

On the other hand, if you hire a dedicated team of developers, you can consider your software development as a project. You and your contractor establish a project plan, achieve the milestones you’ve set. As soon as you wrap up the project, you immediately stop your expenses.

This is what makes dedicated team of developers for hire so flexible: you always control your development spendings and can limit your expenses anytime.

dedicated team of developers to hireHow To Hire a Dedicated Team of Developers And Make The Most Of It

Now, that you know the benefits of outsourcing your software development, here are the things you should keep in mind when seeking companies for hiring dedicated development team:

  • Take into account their past experience. And this is of vital importance: hiring someone with little or no relevant experience whatsoever is a risk you are not willing to take;
  • Negotiation is everything. Don’t judge the service providers solely by their previous projects: find out how they would approach yours. Interview your best candidates to learn which one suits your software development the best.

The Bottom Line

Dedicated development team is a flexible, cost-effective, and convenient alternative to in-house software development. If your business needs to keep the development expenses dynamic and stay agile, choose development outsourcing as your primary strategy.

If you seek for quality outsourcing services, reach out to our Gravum development specialists. We have extensive expertise in delivering quality solutions in reasonable time frames. Hire a dedicated team of developers from Gravum, witness your software product skyrocket.