Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development is one of the frothiest spaces in the Valley now. AI has officially become a buzzword, and this happened for a reason. You see, Artificial Intelligence is an opportunity to make our devices smart, to make them think, not just execute straightforward commands. This creates fascinating experiences, as we discover that we are not the only ones who generate insights. AI-based software solutions surprise us with decisions that – we might assume – only intelligent creatures can come up with.

Let’s find out how AI will change app development and figure out what it means for business.

Trend 1. Audio And Video Recognition

Developers have made unbelievable progress in teaching our mobile devices to understand what we say, play, and show them. Here are the currently available technologies for you to consider:

  • Shazam track recognition. How much does it take Shazam to recognize the song from your favorite coffee shop? Probably a second or two. This technology can become an excellent foundation for recognizing not only songs, but also TV shows, movies, and other content you may want to save for later;
  • Google Assistant and Apple Siri. Virtual assistants recognize what you say. Moreover, they understand your requests and come up with answers in seconds. Whatever you need to know – from the local weather to a plane ticket cost – virtual assistants support your every step.

As for video recognition, mobile AI can already recognize human faces and other real-life objects. From FaceID to Snapchat filters, there are countless video recognition applications you witness today.

Trend 2. Personalized Product And Service Offers

Users hate irrelevant commercials, and this is a normal reaction to a product that you don’t find interesting. Now, while the manual target audience research fails to provide correct predictions constantly, Artificial Intelligence is an entirely new level of learning user behavior patterns.

Here at Gravum, we believe that AI in Android development is an actual breakthrough for the eCommerce industry. First things first, Artificial Intelligence is an ever-improving technology, meaning it’s only going to become more precise and efficient. Secondly, it allows businesses to save time on finding relevant audiences for their products. This enables them to focus on enhancing their services and – consequently – making the eCommerce industry a better place.

use AI in mobile appTrend 3. Mobile Security

In case you are not a Google Assistant developer and don’t work in eCommerce, the question of how to use AI in the mobile app is still relevant to you. We have great news for you: there is always room for implementing Artificial Intelligence into mobile security

Now, there are multiple ways to integrate this technology into your software:

  • Authentication. Whether you opt for face or fingerprint recognition, there are development frameworks that can help you to achieve this (OpenBR and Flandmark, to name a few);
  • Suspicious activity monitoring. Banking and other money-related apps need outstanding security measures to prevent hackers from stealing user funds. With that in mind, you can train your AI to detect suspicious user activity and take measures;
  • DDoS attack protection. The cutting-edge distributed denial-of-service attacks are extremely hard to identify. You can use Artificial Intelligence to look for signs of an attack and protect your software from intruders.

The Bottom Line

It’s only the beginning of a journey for Artificial Intelligence technologies. With the current technology level, you can already come up with how to use AI in apps, and the field of its application is going to expand dramatically soon.

If you are looking for an experienced team to assist you in integrating AI into your revolutionary app, reach out to Gravum. Let’s become pioneers in implementing Artificial Intelligence in the mobile app development niche of your business.