Build a Serverless Web Application

With a serverless web application, you can concentrate on the code and not on the architecture part. It helps to manage the infrastructure and conquer the market faster. Serverless apps have many advantages, which we will cover in the article. 

What Is a Serverless Web Application?

A serverless app is the next step in cloud development evolution. As evident from their name, such web applications will depend less on the servers. Besides, it is easy to scale the infrastructure of the app depending on your purposes and needs. Such an app is not suitable for every task, but it is much more convenient than its predecessors. 

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Before the emergence of cloud platforms, there were many issues to solve when developing an app. Which equipment to use, how to restrict access to the device, where to keep storage backups, how to provide uninterrupted power supply… Expenses were too high while the flaws were noticeable. 

Then developers started to use the IaaS. Its infrastructure provided a flexible environment and servers on demand. This stage gave us the potential to use clouds. Companies could finally concentrate on the information and not on physical appearance. Still, IaaS had tasks to solve such as updating the operating system, controlling the apps, and others. 

In the PaaS platform, some of the defects were eliminated. Platform providers took care of updates, support, and security fixes by themselves. With PaaS, developers could choose API endpoints and start coding directly. There were still some issues left (scalability, size).

Serverless architecture is the next level of development. It is not attached to any servers and focused on code. That’s why engineers do not have to deal with a platform but only with specific functions. The only questions to answer are how to activate the code and how it is made. 

How to Build a Serverless Web Application?

There is no particular way to build a serverless app. But there are a bunch of services that can help programmers with the development. The most used and popular one is AWS. Serverless web applications in AWS are easy to use. This service manages all the servers, helps to create and deploy applications with flexible scaling. Thus, engineers can fully concentrate on the code and provide a high-quality product. AWS Lambda especially helps to smoothly execute the app’s internal code. 

App development is a hard, time-consuming process that can be provided only by a professional team. If your business needs a high-quality product, it is better not to experiment. The best option is to hire experienced developers who know exactly what to do. 

As a customer, you can consider the following issues to make your work easier and faster:

  • What type of app do you need? (e.g. business, blog, shop)
  • Which services do you want to provide and why?
  • What interface do you need?
  • What are your advantages?

Thus, you can help the developers to understand what you want to see. While working on your app, they will have an exact plan to follow. Structurized work is always more convenient than adding remarks and corrections along the way. 

Serverless App Advantages

As we already mentioned, serverless web apps made lives easier not only for companies but also for developers. Let’s see their main advantages that can help your business to grow and make a profit:

  • No need for server management. You avoid all the extra procedures such as installation, support, special environment, and much more. This part can be transferred to outsourcing companies or even specific apps.
  • Low cost. It is a good way to save your budget. The actual cost of such applications is already pretty affordable. Besides, it requires less processing power and human resources, which helps to reduce other spends. 
  • Fast deployments and updates. With the serverless architecture, there is no need to upload codes on the servers. The developers can instantly launch code parts and release the product. It also helps to update, correct, and add any functions into the application.
  • Fewer delays. Since the app is not hosted on a server, the developers can run the code from anywhere. Delays will be reduced because user requests will no longer go all the way to the server. 
  • More time for UX. Your client does not care about the infrastructure. The appearance of the app is one of the main things they find important. The user interface is the part that attracts customers and makes them loyal.
  • Flexibility and scalability. If your app becomes more successful than you could expect, the developers will easily make changes according to the scale. Besides, they can add new functions without any damage to the application’s infrastructure. 

What to Do Next?

If you have an idea to realize, do not hesitate to refer to professionals. Gravum is an outsourcing company that provides such services as software, web, and mobile development, IoT, consulting, and serverless apps development. Our experienced team will do its best to provide a high-quality product that corresponds to all your wishes. After the development, we can continue to support the project. If you are still not sure about what you want to see in your serverless web application, or need a different service, contact us for a consultation.