Future of Mobile App Trends

There is a common saying which talks about our future in our hands. However, it would interest you to know that our future lies in the hands of mobile applications. The development of the mobile app is a fast-emerging trend, which can continue for a very long time without fading out.

Which Mobile App or Technology Will Own The Future?

Mobile apps have been around for a while now, and people just started getting a handle on it a few years back. On the Apple App Store, there are 2.1 million applications and 2.8 million applications on the Google Play Store. You can now travel anywhere with superior maps applications, play online games on a mobile casino from anywhere in the world, buy crypto anytime, and delve into the world of VR. These are just a few possibilities now, but what will the future look like?

IoT Internet of Things

IoT is known for lots of smart items. They have a smartphone, smartwatch, thermostats, doorbells, smartTV, and the likes. All the items mentioned above require the use of IoT incorporation. For these products, their request for usage increases on a daily basis, and there is always a request for mobile app design to develop more IoT applications.

Google Home, Amazon Echo, and others are trending hugely, and more related applications are set to emerge in the nearest mobile app future. All we can do is sit back and anticipate. Reports have shown that, by the end of 2020, more than 20 million devices will have an IoT connection.

Progressive Web Applications

We make bold to tell you that these apps have lots of features, and they are not just ordinary ones. They are quintessential. In addition to this, these apps are not heavy, and this is what most people need. Progressive web applications have better engagement than conventional mobile phone application development.

They are swift to respond, lightweight, protected, and not affected by network hitches.

These apps also give you the feel of a popular app. There are some notable apps in the world today that have switched to PWA. They have witnessed a rise in the number of clients and a reduction in bounce rate.

AI/ML Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are speedily becoming essential parts of mobile app development. For the user to experience an individualized experience, they need to incorporate artificial intelligence in the development process of their mobile application.

Some mobile apps use the algorithm of the behavior of a user to give them individualized suggestions.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR and AR exist in the present, and alongside the prospect of mobile app development and design. Gaming has totally changed with the inception of VR and AR, and it began with Pokemon Go, and this innovation becomes a continuum.

Cloud-Based Apps

There are lots of benefits that come with cloud technology. It brings down the cost of hosting and operation. It also delivers scalable infrastructure, smooth performance, increased storage, and enhanced productivity. This mobile app development will lessen the load from the internal storage and receives the data from the cloud itself.  This is the primary reason why cloud-based apps are an essential aspect of the prospect of mobile applications. For names like Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox, they are more popular these days.


There is more to the technology which controls cryptocurrency. It comes with something similar to a digital account to take down all the transactions, and they show transparency, which eradicates the prospects of fraud and other forms of malpractices. The incorporation of blockchain is not just restricted to financial transactions, but it can be utilized in diverse industries. It can also be incorporated into any industry which requires the need for quality control, tracking items, and the management of security levels. Common exchanging markets such as digital wallets, eCommerce, smart contracts, and the likes, have integrated blockchain into their business.


In years back, chatbots were utilized in messaging services like Slack, Facebook, and Skype. It is the fundamentally self-service framework in which users can get prompt responses to their queries. Due to the advancement in technology, it is effortless to incorporate chatbots in mobile apps and improve the user experience.  Chatbots give an intimate experience to the application and the users who are fantastic for the engagement and retaining of the users.

Mobile App or Technology Will Own The FutureWearables

Wearables have transformed from being an item of luxury to a necessity. With the increasing need for personal health and fitness, there’s an enhanced upward shift in the manufacturing and sales of these products. Wearables are an excellent way to monitor your progress, and receive updates on features such as blood pressure, heart rate, calories, and a host of others. Furthermore, wearables aid in the effective management of lifestyle which reminds you of how much water you have taken, and how long you have slept. For each wearable device, there is a needed app it needs to function. Therefore, this is what makes them the prospects of mobile app development.

Instant App Development

One of the most recent and innovative mobile app trends is Instant apps development. These days, mobile app technology can be incorporated on Android devices. However, there has been a prediction that it would become global in the coming years. Instant apps should not be mixed with mobile websites. Instant apps do not use mobile resources or the internal storage of a device because it operates straight from the internet. There are a good number of critical problems that instant app technology solves. To start with, this enhances the prospects of target action, which provides execution by the user. Also, instant apps require minimum resources for operation, and this makes them more reachable by users. Instant apps are also very amenable, convenient, just like native apps. For an instant best mobile app to work well, there is a need for a stable internet connection and fast internet speed. There are usually no offline features, however.

Mobile Wallets App Development

E-commerce includes m-commerce, and it is an excellent application trend of 2019. Several goods and services can be ordered and purchased online, which caused an increase in demand on the services which require payment. Wallet apps are very convenient, and they are in high demand by digital shoppers, and this makes the industry develop at a fast pace. The e-wallet niche is all-encompassing, as it comprises mobile wallets that enable users to use their currency to buy various goods, alongside conventional banking tools that can be accessed via smartphones.


Each trend is astounding, and with the inception of smart devices like the 5G breakthrough, IoT development, and the AR/VR feature, the app industry has a prospect to become the foremost when it comes to investment.

In sectors such as healthcare, finance, games, education, and marketing, they will soon go through enormous changes. Medical assistance is bound to become remote and more available because chatbots and production will become less expensive and more customer-friendly.

In the coming days, mobile applications will help us in all our daily tasks, which include management in cash flow, city navigation, and housekeeping. Because of this, a good number of our data will be stored on cloud services, which would make digital security the major challenge in the coming decade.