Mobile app development: it is a jungle out there!  How do I choose? So, you have just started a new business venture, or maybe you have been at it for a while, but only now realized the importance of going mobile. In other words, you need to find the right way to deliver and present your product on mobile devices.

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You need an app. You could outsource a team of developers for the job, but it’s not that easy – even though the market is full of great potential, the challenge is to avoid hiring incompetent contractors. You can make your life easier by following these rules.

1. Choose Reliability

An outsourced mobile development company needs to be trustworthy. You would never place your health in the hands of a bad doctor or your house in those of a sketchy architect. The same goes for your company and anything that has to do with it, including potential collaborators.

The only way to find out if a developer is reliable is to look out for references and portfolios: feedback from previous clients can give you a good idea about skills, strengths, and weaknesses. The research will help you determine if they’re suitable for your company and the type of app you need. Your contractor’s potential is the most important part, so dig up some information about their past experience and achievements in app development.

2. Outsourcing Vs In-House

When choosing developers, find out who is actually going to do the job. A lot of them outsource their work, which means there is little control over work quality.

You can find horror stories online about companies outsourcing part of their work to low-skill professionals, resulting in a terrible product. Always make sure the company you go for has a strong in-house working team or at least an outsourcing pool of the highest quality.

3. Don’t Be Money-Driven

You need quality, so it’s essential to go for the best collaborators you can get. Nothing wrong in trying to save some dollars, but you must be extremely careful, even if some good companies charge less than the average.

When it comes to mobile app development – and everything that needs specific, qualified expertise – quality has a price, and you have to accept to pay it in full.

4. Ask About Their Previous Work

When you are seeking the perfect mobile app developer, it’s essential to take a look at their previous work and understand how good they were. Check if their apps have been featured on Apple or Google stores and always try one out: this way you’ll see if the company’s products suit your needs.

Ask your potential developers what they consider their most successful and best app. This should say a lot about their standards and capabilities.

5. Ask about their development process

Ask your potential collaborators to point out a clear vision of how they’ll develop your app. This will show how organized and efficient they are. A good development process will lead to an app made within your budget and deadlines.

6. Don’t Forget About Designers

You might have a fairly clear idea of how your app will work and look. Or you might be lost and in need of somebody to show you the right direction. Either way, what you need is an excellent designer, so make sure the development company you hire has a designer who is good at communicating and transforming your ideas into the app.

7. White Label Or Custom Made?

A good mobile development company will always make a custom app just or you. Don’t go for companies that simply fill out empty templates from third parties. We will never tire to repeat that quality comes before anything if you want to succeed.

8. Make Sure Potential Collaborators Provide An Ongoing Mobile Strategy

App developing technology is constantly evolving and so are the needs of consumers. That’s why a good and professional mobile development company should always give its customers ongoing support.

9. Be Clear About What You Want And Make It Official

It’s very important to clearly state what you expect from a mobile app development project. It’s even more crucial to make it official by signing a contract – this way you’ll avoid potential misunderstandings and make sure the company knows their responsibilities.

10. Last but not least: choose someone who cares about what you do

Try to outsource a developer that’s engaged in your project and…well…likes what you do. It may seem silly but it makes a huge difference. Let’s face it – we all work better and have more motivation when we believe in what we do. Moreover, a developer who shares your views and ideas could become an invaluable collaborator in the long run.

When It Comes To Outsourcing Mobile App Developers Be smart And Be picky

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and demand straightforward answers: a professional will be more than happy to answer and engage in discussion.

Look for someone who could become a long-term collaborator and be willing to pay them a good salary. Yes, it can be expensive and scary, but keep in mind that money motivates peoples, and cheap labor provides cheap results.