app development guides to follow

So, you have a viable app idea, selected excellent software for mobile app development, opted for the platform, and learned a few web design tricks. Are you still sure you can come up with a high-quality product able to cater to the needs and tastes of your target audience? If you are not, it is better to address experienced professionals who know the ropes and can make the most of your business idea.

Outsourcing App Development

But choosing a qualified app developer is quite tricky too. Here are the factors to consider while selecting an app developer:

  • The outsourcer’s portfolio. Seasoned companies are proud to sport the projects they have created, so the first step in choosing a developer is to visit their website. While reviewing the portfolio, make sure the company has experience with apps of your sector, since some fields (like games or healthcare) may be very peculiar.
  • Clients’ references. Contacting the companies that cooperated with the developer before is a perfect way to find out how satisfactory the collaboration has been. 
  • Internet guides and directories. Search for “best of” lists containing information on developers in the countries or cities you are interested in. If the company you have set your eyes upon features in several different catalogs, it is a safe bet that your choice is a good one.
  • Store reviews. These are opinions of users, so it may be curious to learn how they gauge the developer’s performance. This item, however, is rather subjective because dissatisfied customers are much more likely to vent their resentment than those who enjoyed the app. So a hundred complaints are quite a decent result, since it is only a drop in the bucket of users who number several dozens of thousands. 

And now you are through with the choice of the developer. What questions should you ask at a personal meeting with their representatives?

Questions to Ask a Prospective Developer

To check whether your preliminary choice was the right one, ask the outsourcer:

  • What platforms they develop for and if they build cross-platform apps. The company’s specialization must fit in with your preferences. In case the studio produces cross-platform apps, ask how apps can be converted from one platform to the other. 
  • What stages of the development process you pay for while hiring them. Companies may happen to extend their services only to some phases of the entire development cycle – user-experience and user-interface design, coding (with post-launch maintenance expenses to be defrayed additionally), only development with no further app store submission. If you are looking for a turnkey project with post-deployment support, it is better to know whether you are likely to receive one from this developer.
  • What testing they will apply. Reliable testing methods are what make an app successful. Don’t forget to inquire about the reasons why such methods are used and how they may help to revamp your app. 
  • What latest technologies they utilize. It may not be directly related to your project, yet knowing what the company is playing with at the moment is a good indicator of how cutting-edge their experience is.
  • How they will keep you updated on the development progress. There are different approaches to notifying the client: some companies like to inform the customer nearly daily, others prefer to deliver the product without the bother of talking about their headway. Since you are the one who calls the shots it is recommended to find a company whose communication style will be comfortable for you.
  • How your app will make money. If it is through advertisement, you have to make sure the app is honed to that end. If it is going just to boost the visits on your site, find out how users can be encouraged to visit it again.

A Bit of Money Talk

Hiring an app developer is naturally more expensive than making an app yourself. But trying to save in this case may turn out to be a penny-wise but pound-foolish decision. A high-quality product can’t be cheap, so be ready to fork out a decent sum. 

However, as the chart above reveals, there is a wise solution that can help you avoid paying through the nose but get a blue-ribbon product: outsource to Eastern Europe. With its headquarters in Estonia, Lithuania, and Ukraine, Gravum represents a perfect balance between price and quality. Possessing requisite expertise and dedicated personnel, the company offers a wide range of IT services – from the full-cycle web and mobile app creation through technology consulting to product design and development. By employing our services you will receive top-notch solutions at an affordable price.


The digital era has made it a must for any business focused on growth to reach out to their customers using an app. A proficient outsourcer who knows their way around mobile app development software will spare you most of your worries, delivering a first-rate finished product tailored to your requirements.