ai in mobile app development

User experience can be stated as to how a user feels after using or interacting with an application, website, product, or device. There is no technology to measure it, but it is very critical for the long-term existence of an application or a product. If the user experience is right, he will come back again to use the application. For making a mobile application that establishes a personal relationship with the user, the mobile app developers are increasingly using AI in the mobile app.

Impact of AI in Mobile App User Experience

Artificial intelligence, as the name suggests, is artificial. It is the intelligence that is developed in the machines based on past interactions with the user. This intelligence enables the machines to respond to user’s requests in a more humane manner.  

User Engagement

In a highly competitive mobile app market, every App is trying it’s best to engage the user. Mobile apps that are not able to engage the user consistently have very low chances of survival in the market. Many mobile applications that are launched are not able to penetrate the target market because they are not able to engage the users. Artificial Intelligence can help a mobile app to understand the user’s behaviour, preferences, likes & dislikes. This data is then analyzed by AI’s analytical tools to identify the part of the App on which the users concentrate the most. 

The use of AI-powered tools can make the mobile App more relevant for the users. With excellent analytical capabilities, AI can bring remarkable improvements in the mobile App. Thus, boosting user engagement & significantly improving the user experience. 

Facilitate Better Decision Making

AI in a mobile app can analyze large chunks of data to provide meaningful information. These meaningful inputs will facilitate better decision making. For example, a developer of an app can use AI to analyze the feedback of the users about the App. AI can analyze all the feedback and give relevant inputs to the developer in a more humane manner. It is very close to getting feedback directly from the actual user. Based on the analysis by AI, the developer can make a better decision and make necessary changes to the App to improve the user experience.

Location or Context-specific Notifications by App

Developers can incorporate AI-powered sensors in the mobile application. These sensors give information on the location of the users & help in solving real-life problems. When the user places a request with the application, then based on the location of the user, the App gives appropriate local options to the user. Users can easily save his time & efforts in searching for a suitable option in the local area & he can immediately take actions based on these options. Thus, AI will have a positive impact on the mobile app user experience. For example, if a user plans to go on a road trip. AI can help the users by giving notifications about the locations of fuel stations, food outlets, etc along the route. This will enable the user to plan a trouble-free trip. He will use the mobile App for planning his future trips.     

Boost Automation Through Logical Reasoning

AI analyzes the past user’s behavior, preferences, and purchases to automate some of the actions that users need to take whenever they use the App. As a result, users will be required to input less information. Thus, making his mobile app experience fast & easy. For example, in case of placing an order on the mobile e-commerce app, the users need to enter his login id & password. Still, his delivery address & preferred delivery time get auto-filled on the order summary page based on his previous orders. 

Personalize the UX

The mobile app user experience can be personalized to a great extent, with the help of AI. The user feels as if the App is made just for him due to the impact of AI on a mobile app. The recommendations are tailor-made for the user. AI-powered tool analyses past purchase history of the user to find his purchase time in the month, items purchased & purchase frequency. For example, a user regularly purchases some grocery items in the first week of every month through a grocer mobile app. Then AI-powered tools will send notifications to the user before the first week to remind him about his purchase.

Moreover, AI can also send him discount offers on the items on his purchase list. This makes the user feel special. AI helps the mobile App to establish a personal connection with the user. Thus, the impact of AI leads to a positive mobile app user experience.

User-specific Recommendations

Every user will feel happy & special when he receives a notification about the type of product; he is interested in. This is the impact of AI on a mobile app. On the analysis of the past browsing history, AI can help in making user-specific marketing strategies.  Also, AI helps to identify the type of product frequently purchased by the user. When the user receives such notifications, he feels the mobile App understands his preferences & this connects users with the App emotionally.

Increase the Traffic on Mobile App

Developers use the AI to change the design of the app to suit the preferences of the user. AI helps the developers to understand the user’s preference and users are presented with the perfect layout & design. This makes the user’s journey through the app easy & comfortable. This tempts the user to take action. In this manner, AI has a favourable impact on the mobile app user experience. The use of AI in the mobile App results in more traffic on the App.

 AI in Mobile App User Experience

Understand User Behavior

AI, with its exceptional analytical capabilities, helps in understanding the behavioural patterns of the user. AI-powered tools can predict very accurately the reaction of the user in a particular situation. This will help mobile App in getting a more in-depth insight into the nature & characteristics of the users. As a result, the mobile App can offer options that are a perfect match for the user’s requirements. Thus, the impact of AI delivers a pleasant mobile app user experience.


There is no denying the fact that the impact of AI on the mobile app user experience is profound and significant. The user of the App feels they are interacting with someone who knows them, their preferences, likes, dislikes & requirements. AI transforms the mobile App & makes it interact with the user humanely. AI-powered mobile apps can take the App very close to the user. Companies should aim to create an AI-driven mobile app because the impact of AI is such that the mobile App can establish one to one relationship with its users. This will help in delivering an enjoyable & memorable experience to the users. There is a wide variety of AI-powered tools that can be integrated into the mobile App to make it more innovative & enhance the user experience. Hire a mobile app development company which specializes in artificial intelligence development to do that work for you. The mobile application is a highly competitive & crowded market. The impact of AI makes mobile Apps consistently deliver pleasant user experience & stand out in the crowd.