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As IT-industry expands and gets more and more rivalry-driven, the issue of quality product design and development arises. The thing is, it was enough just to develop a product in a popular market sector to be successful a few years ago. Things have changed since then.

The product design – as we know it now – is a sophisticated system of product features that aim to satisfy the user and deliver the maximum value possible. This approach implies a lot of work on both the BA and development side.

With that said, let’s figure out what does product design & development means. We will discover the peculiarities of the process and consider the best product design and development companies you can find on the web.

What Is Product Design And Development: Product Design Objectives

Product designing is researching and discovering efficient solutions to user problems. Here are the examples of excellent product design decision examples for you to have a grasp of the term:

  • Gesture-driven user interface in the mobile app. As our mobile interfaces get closer and closer to overloading, gestures may significantly reduce the number of controls and make the UI more intuitive;
  • Lazy loading feature for complex app sections. Businesses don’t want to make users wait for too long for a page to load. Lazy loading implementation improves the user experience significantly;
  • User-friendly error messages. OK, developer, error code is enough for you, but what do users have to do with it? Creating user-friendly messages reduces customer confusion.

As you can see, product design & development aim to make the software product truly convenient and intuitive to use, while solving the customer problems effectively.

The IT-market nowadays establishes the condition: you either the best or worthless. This is why quality product design is so crucial. This is why product design & development teams strive to achieve the most convenient, usable, and cost-effective results possible.

product design and development Gravum photoProduct Design And Development Companies: 4 Services Providers For You To Consider

Now, when you know what product development and design are for, let’s discover the 4 service suppliers worth your attention.


Paraxent is a product design company with almost 20 years of experience in creating unique software solutions. Paraxent’s main development scope is:

  • Web app development;
  • Mobile software development;
  • eCommerce development;
  • Hardware and systems integration.

This Austin-based product design & development company has already delivered over 300 successful solutions and is always ready for challenges.

Small Planet

Small Planet is a mobile development expert. Founded in 2009, this Brooklyn-based company specializes in providing a quality user experience for various devices and platforms. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Android;
  • iOS;
  • Web;
  • Smart Devices.

Small Planet is a premium-class mobile development services provider offering a full product development cycle.


Gravum is a software development outsourcing company. With headquarters in Ukraine and Lithuania, we gather talented developers, product designers, business analysts, and marketers from all over the world. Gravum offers its outsourcing expertise we have achieved across a wide range of industries and technologies. 

We offer expert services for the following business needs:

  • Dedicated development teams;
  • Research & Development;
  • Innovation services;
  • Product design and development;
  • Mobile and web development services.

Trusted by the broad spectrum of reputable businesses, we’ve developed countless efficient solutions for eCommerce, Bionics, FinTech, and numerous other industries. Gravum is not just a software development partner. This is following a passion, this is striving for excellence. Gravum is using every opportunity to make the IT-industry a better place.


Cleevio is a digital agency located in Prague. The mid-sized team of 29 product design & development professionals offer a broad range of software development services:

  • IoT development;
  • Product design services;
  • Mobile and web development;
  • UI/UX design.

Cleevio works in the financial, automotive, and consumer product markets since 2007 and delivers quality results to its clients.

How To Choose The Best Product Design Services

First things first, take into account the company’s experience in the industry you are running a business. The services provider that already worked with the market sector has far higher chances to deliver satisfying results.

One more thing to consider is the company’s dedication. The teams standing for something greater than just profits tend to revolutionize the industry. This means that prioritizing motivation and quality over cheap services often pays off.

The Bottom Line

Product development and design are an integral part of building a successful business. Intuitive and functional product design brings outstanding user experience. And user happiness is the primary objective every business strives to accomplish.

If you need product design & development services, contact our Gravum experts. We understand your business problems and care about your software product’s future. Pick Gravum product design and dev services and see your revolutionary idea skyrocket.