Mobile UI Features in 2020

It is hard to imagine leaving the house without your smartphone in hand. These devices have become integral to the way we live a modern life. The enormous number of apps has made phones so efficient. For an application to be user-friendly, it must have a stylish and easily manageable UI interface, so a user can enjoy it almost effortlessly and instantaneously after downloading. From a consumer perspective, all the bells and whistles of an apps’ interface may be taken for granted, but mobile UI creators put a huge amount of effort into perfecting it to be aesthetically pleasing, innovative, and practical. In this article, we would like to show you the most prominent mobile UI and UX features that you will likely be seeing more in the coming generation of apps.

What Is It?

Firstly, let’s give you a quick rundown of what mobile UI and UX designs are responsible for. UI stands for user interface and deals with the features that appear on the screen of a device. These make sure that you can navigate a given app or program in the best possible way. UX, meaning user experience, is responsible for coming up with creative solutions to cater to mobile user’s specific requirements and restrictions. It deals with the optimization of accessibility, efficiency, discoverability of an app’s interactive experience. The groundwork is laid out in frameworks such as Angular for mobile UI, as well as JavaScript libraries like React for mobile UI. When it comes to front-end design solutions to suit mobile UI, checkbox is preferred by developers. As technological capabilities are progressing, this year is a great example of how mobile applications exceed in terms of creativity and innovation. Let’s take a look at the latest features.

The Best Mobile UI Features of 2020

Growth of AR Games

Augmented reality is a technology that merges digital data with the real world. Pokemon Go set a breakthrough example of how an AR game can become incredibly successful and immersive, intertwining reality and illusion. Nowadays, we see more and more titles coming out that are more advanced and experimental in terms of AR and AI integration. While simple classics such as Luchadora are great, we can’t wait to observe what the future holds for mobile gaming and its UI solutions.

Enhanced Personalization

Machine learning and app-integrated AI intelligence allow for excellent personalization that takes user experience to new heights. This can be seen on popular platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. Apps learn what a client likes and offer calculated recommendations for other content that may cater to a particular taste.

Voice Interaction

Voice control is a big hit in current apps that is only going to keep growing. According to predictions, the number of virtual assistants operating worldwide will reach a hefty 8 billion by 2023. Voice bots such as Alexa by Amazon, Google Assistant, and Siri have shown the world how convenient it can be to control one’s home, web functions, song selections, and more by voice. This year, most new products worth their salt have come with voice integration, and it looks like this trend is about to take off in the future.

Login/Verification via Touch

Most smartphones nowadays have a touch ID function, and it is extremely convenient. Dozens of passwords can become tricky to remember, but using apps is becoming seamless thanks to this new feature. Especially when it comes to things like quick bank-transfers, touch verification is a new standard in the world of UI.

Advanced Animations

It is no big secret that beauty pleases the eye, and new applications are leaning into it big time in 2020. Modern mobile UI for web and mobile apps alike are taking advantage of the improved processing power of devices, which allows for eye-catching animations to unfold effortlessly. Aesthetic animations, layouts, and creative design ideas are becoming tools for branding and building a connection with users. Pretty UI interfaces make for increasingly more immersive user experience, and we love it!

As you can see, this year’s trends are great strides in the world of mobile UI. However, it looks like we only see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these features’ potential. Smartphones, as well as UI solutions, are progressing at a staggering rate, and it makes for a wild future. Need an attractive UI/UX design for your mobile app? Contact us right now