UI/UX Design. A Cost-Effective Investment for Your Early-Stage Project

UI/UX design stack has been a buzzword out here for a couple of years now, and there is a reason for it. Quality user experience is essential for meeting customer expectations, earning user loyalty, and business globalization. Let’s discover the UI/UX vital importance at the beginning of development and find out how it impacts your revenue in the future.

UI/UX: Functionality and Convenience

UI/UX design combines useful feature-reach interface development and user interaction strategy. UI/UX literally means “User Interface/User Experience”. It is an approach to make your application user-friendly and draw the attention of potential customers to your project. It is a way of saying that you give more than your competitors do. It is your company style, the way to show the user that he or she made the right choice. Let’s learn the core UI/UX success elements and figure out how to transform them into profit.

User Interface: Visual Representation of Your App’s Convenience

The user interface is the very first thing you meet with when you start using an app, whether desktop, web, mobile UI. It builds the first and everlasting impression of your software product, defines its quality and usability from the customer perspective. This is why it’s essential to business success. This is why you cannot ignore and just skip the proper UI development.

User Experience: The Way to Say “We Care”

User experience, compared to UI, is rather a subtle concept. You cannot determine UX as some specific element of your software or any other product. User experience is a design your put in your creation to make it more helpful and easy to use.

Consider the following situation: you get your smartphone out of your pocket and unlock it. The screen seems too bright, you need to reduce the brightness. Now, how do you do it? You swipe down and manage it with the range input. That’s it, you need 2 actions to perform this task.

The point is, you can hardly imagine the task you cannot perform in 4-6 gestures with your modern device. Taking into account the functionality amount, this is quite impressive, isn’t it? This is what user experience is all about.

UI/UX Importance: Why It Is So Crucial?

Whether you are using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network, you should think about this: when it comes to actual interaction with an app, you don’t need to bother with usability. The product is so intuitive, that all you have to do is enjoy using it.

Think about it: Microsoft received an additional $80 million in revenue by setting an advertisement text color to a specific shade of blue – the same exact shade as the search result links. Without a doubt, this design tweak at least costs $80 million.

Let’s hear from our good old Amazon, which gained $300 revenue by redesigning “Continue” button. It’s a perfect example of how such a small UI/UX mistake can cost millions. And the earlier you refine your software design – the better.

We can list brand stories one after another. Here’s the kicker: quality UI/UX is a must if you want your brand to move forward.

UI/UX Design Process: Where to Begin

Every successful software brand you can name came from an idea. A raw idea of how to make other people’s lives more comfortable and enjoyable. Luckily, if you are planning to launch a startup, you already have one.

OK, you know what you want to do. Now it is time to learn how. No matter which market segment you are jumping in, be prepared for high user expectations. Only the biggest fish survives on our rivalry-driven market nowadays. You will need to actually work on your UI/UX. Here are the first steps you should take:

Conduct initial market research. Study your target audience, learn their demands and expectations;
Find your competitors. You can learn a lot from your rivals’ experience. Have a closer look at how they do business and how it works up for them;
Conform to the platform-specific guidelines. Pick a platform you want to wireframe in the first place and learn the basic design rules for it;
Come up with primitive app wireframes. Take a pencil and a sheet of paper or any graphics editor and create basic layouts for your product;
Analyze your wireframes and find room for improvement. Figure out which actions the user performs the most and make sure they are available in 1-4 clicks or gestures.

Crossing these steps one by one off your list, you will create a visual prototype of your user interface with a slight touch of UX.

UI/UX Quality: Involve the Experts

No matter how creative you are, some skills come with experience. Therefore, if you want to play in the bigs, UI and UX developer is a must-have member of your team. As we have mentioned earlier, even the tiniest miscalculations in the first stages lead to disastrous consequences later.

UI/UX experts know how to implement cutting-edge UI UX tools to optimize your software product and make it more appealing to customers. What is more essential, they do their job quickly. As you know, time to market is one of the vital aspects of agile development underlying the project’s success. With that said, leave the UI design process and UX quality to your professionals.

UI/UX Designers: How to Find Yours

UI/UX design stack is an extremely responsible task in the early development stages. As the product grows, it becomes more and more convenient to adjust it, if the UI/UX is good. However, if you don’t pay enough attention to it, you will face difficulties in developing the app. As you may have guessed, fixing UI/UX in the late project stages costs tenfold. So don’t skimp on this software product aspect. Invest in your UI/UX, invest in the future of your company.

The Bottom Line

User interface and user experience are equally valuable to the app quality. No matter which technologies you use, always keep the UI/UX level of your project at the highest peak.

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