Software Development Outsourcing: Top 5 Reasons To Ousource To Ukraine. Gravum? photo

According to consulting companies, IT magazines, and experts, Ukraine is considered to be the best place for software development outsourcing in Eastern Europe. It also ranks 4th in the world by the number of technical specialists. Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and other IT giants choose Ukraine as their destination for software development outsourcing. They are followed by smaller companies and start-ups all over the world. But what qualities make Ukrainian developers so popular when it comes to outsource software production? Check out why are they different (and probably better) below!

Well-educated And Talented

Ukraine is among the Top-5 countries that provide the largest number of certified IT professionals. Each year Ukrainian colleges and universities produce over 35 000 graduates specialized in programming, mathematics and other IT-related fields. And this number constantly grows. There are more than one thousand operating IT companies in Ukraine so far (including international R&D centers) where 78% of employees have higher education and 2% have a Ph.D.

Although a lot of young people in Ukraine choose IT as their future career field. The reasons are high salaries and great opportunities for self-development, quality still matters. Growing market, and, thus, the growing number of competitors set new demands for the graduates. That’s why even well-educated young specialists improve their skills attending different courses and trainings. Ukrainian developers rank 8th (score 91.26%) on SkillValue within the Top-50 countries providing most talented programmers. Moreover, Ukraine takes 1st place in the world when it comes to Unity3D game creators and C++ engineers. Also Ukraine is 2nd – by evaluation of JS, Scala, and Magento developers.

Experienced in software development outsourcing

The Ukrainian development community is large and experienced in different programming languages and technologies.  Ukrainians are known for their aspiration to perfection, they don’t please customers just to put a check mark confirming that the task is done. That’s why Ukrainian developers are the best fit if you are looking for a full-cycle software product development.

Being top-rated in the global ratings Ukrainian programmers are known as experts in experts in Java, JavaScript, Python, C# and PHP. At the same time, there are a lot of developers experienced in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, machine learning and other technologies that require special knowledge.

If you prefer a long-term partnership, you should definitely consider a team from Ukraine. These guys used to demonstrate quality and efficiency in work, as well as transparency and dedication in relationships.

Easy To Communicate With

When you describe a project, give some task, or provide feedback, it is very important to understand each other. Over 80% of the developers here are fluent in English or have Upper-Intermediate level. You may wonder about the other 20%. Well, they attend free English courses with native speakers. Moreover, they represent European culture, mentality, and values and are familiar with the way how the U.S. and European customers handle business and build a partnership. Cultural similarities help to organize communications in the most convenient way.


One more reason related to the fact that Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe is the time zone and geography. These factors are not important at first. Ukraine’s time zone is GMT+2 (GMT +3 in summer). It is convenient enough to work with a remote development team from Ukraine either you are based in the UK or in the U.S.

Of course, a 7 hours difference between New York and Kyiv looks huge at first. But didn’t you know that the first three business hours in the United States are the last working hours in Ukraine? It means that if your are based in the United States you can easily schedule any call in the morning. Not so inconvenient as it would be with India, right? And if you are somewhere in Europe you will be able to arrange a meeting  to meet your partner face to face.

Cost for software development outsourcing

Perhaps, this is one of the first things the customer thinks about when having a look at outsource software development companies. Outsourcing to Ukraine usually means 40 to 60% expenses reduction. For example, if you are going to hire a middle software developer in Ukraine, it will cost you $3500 – $5500 a month. While the monthly rate for U.S. developer with the same knowledge and experience will be $8000 – $11000.

Local developers will cost you $25 – $40 per hour (60% less than in the United States). This index is also lower in comparison to other Eastern Central Europe countries such as the Czech Republic or Poland. Competitive pricing combined with low cost of living, low taxes, customer-friendly legislation, and security regulations make Ukraine one of the most attractive countries for cost-efficient outsourcing.


There are a lot of successful Ukrainian start-ups like Grammarly, TripMyDream, and TemplateMonster, to name a few. There is also a plethora of well-known projects from other countries, but no one knows that they have a Ukrainian code in their applications. Thanks to software development outsourcing. Gravum is one of the most dedicated IT service providers that offers full-cycle software product/service development and can handle not only “two months projects” but also heavyweight products and services which demand deep knowledge, versatile experience, and result-oriented team.