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The market of software development tools is full of solutions for every development need these days. While it provides developers with multiple alternatives, it can also confuse software development specialists. 

For instance, if the market offers you 6 options for the Java software development tool, you may spend a while until you understand what works for you. Fortunately, our experts at Gravum have tried countless solutions, and we want to share our experience with you.

Let’s discover the best software development and project management tools available on the market today.

1. GitHub

GitHub is a source control software development planning tool. It is a collaboration-driven platform for hosting your code. GitHub makes the code-sharing fast and secure. Here are its features worth mentioning:

  • Automatic code uploading. You don’t need any external software or lots of manual work to upload your code to GitHub. A few commands in the Git Bash is often enough;
  • Code branches. If you need to split your project into several versions, you can create several GitHub project branches. This way, you can always store multiple versions of your codebase with no need for creating several projects for a single solution;
  • Code access management. You can whitelist the contributors you trust to push into your branch. The others will have to place requests to modify the codebase.

GitHub is an exceedingly convenient software development tool. Use it for documenting, sharing, and deploying your solutions.

2. Atom

Atom is an open-source software development tool for code editing. It is free, user-friendly, and allows you to hack its core. It means you can re-write the Atom functionalities the way you want. Here are the features Atom exposes to its users:

  • File system browser. Browse your files with convenience, open files, project, and even groups of projects in Atom with a few clicks;
  • Cross-platform code editing. Whether you are working on Linux, Windows, or OS X, your Atom operates across all these operating systems;
  • Package manager. Atom has a built-in manager of development packages. it allows the community to create and share enhancements for their favorite dev environment;
  • Splitting panes. Divide your screen into multiple sections to write outstanding code more efficiently and conveniently;
  • Smart autocompletion. Atom offers a flexible autocomplete functionality. Create fascinating software faster with Atom smart autocompletion.

Atom is a highly-customizable IDE that integrates with the GitHub code versioning service. Pull, push, stage, commit, resolve conflicts, create new branches from within Atom editor. 

3. Amazon Web Services Cloud9

Cloud9 is a web-based platform for writing, compiling, running, and debugging your code right in the browser. Cloud9 supports more than 40 development technologies. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Node.JS;
  • Python;
  • Ruby;
  • C++;
  • Go;
  • JavaScript;
  • PHP.

As you can see, the Cloud9 allows you to use far more dev technologies than a basic web environment does. What is more essential, this cloud software development tool exposes collaboration opportunities. 

Amazon Web Services Cloud9 software development tool Here’s the thing: multiple developers can access and edit the same time simultaneously in Cloud9. It highlights the code each contributor writes, so you can identify the author of a module or a class. Cloud9 also provides the contributors with built-in chat, so you don’t need any external communication channels whatsoever when working in this environment from Amazon.

What is the purpose of a software development tool like AWS Cloud9? First things first, it provides you with a fully-featured integrated development environment wherever you are and whatever device you use. Secondly, it is a collaborative tool, which enables convenient cooperation without any additional software.

One more thing to take into account is the opportunity to use multiple instances of IDE simultaneously. Usually, you cannot open numerous development environments on your PC, because they are resource-intensive. Cloud9 addresses this issue and allows you to work with multiple sub-projects using different development technologies at the same time.

4. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud software development tools. It supports a broad range of dev technologies and operating systems. Microsoft Azure brings convenience to your development process with its outstanding features:

  • Virtual machines. Whether you need a Linux or Windows environment, Microsoft Azure allows you to create them literally in seconds;
  • Managed disks and file storage. If you need a secure solution for storing your files and virtual machines, consider Microsoft Azure services;
  • SQL Database. Microsoft Azure exposes SQL Server functionality to store and manage your business data conveniently and securely.

And there’s more to it: Microsoft Azure offers these and many other fascinating cloud features for free for a year. Microsoft wants to make sure you are satisfied with the services you pay for. Our Gravum project management experts believe this is an excellent opportunity to try out Microsoft Azure full functionality and decide for yourself.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, your coding experience depends a lot on the tools you use. Pay attention to the ones we considered above to pick the most suitable one for your project.

If you are looking for quality software development services, drop a line to our Gravum developer team. We have extensive expertise in creating robust, secure, and highly performant apps. Opt for Gravum services and watch us realize the software development tools you select to the max.