The Best Nodejs Frameworks to Use in 2019

JavaScript is one of the most widely-used languages today. As a perfect option for app, web, and game development, Java gains more and more popularity in the programming community. The high demand naturally brings a number of Node.js frameworks created to improve and quicken building and prototyping.

The first environment that offered plenty of benefits and advantages of that kind was Node.js. Among other possibilities, it provides developers with an opportunity to use Java for both back-end and front-end, which entails better performance.

What is Node.js?

Node.js serves as a backbone of your project, while the codes you write for specific purposes fill the program up. The main purpose of Node.js is to support and control a particular type of framework. These frameworks can be different and the choice depends on your aims.

The functions provided by Node.js find their unique ways of proceeding, which depend on a particular Node.js framework. For every case, users have to provide additional codes and follow the framework to reach a high level of customization and get the most of it.

As we have already mentioned, Node.js is used to encourage Java development for front-end and back-end. What is more, it allows single-threaded asynchronous programming and event-driven non-blocking input/output model. This way, as a developer, you can use Node.js to implement Java into both server and client-side, which facilitates a solution to a lot of problems.

What are the benefits of using Node.js frameworks in 2020?

Among the major pros of using Node.js frameworks we’d like to highlight:

  • Easy learning curve
  • High scalability opportunities
  • High compatibility
  • Sharable components

Frameworks are instruments that help developers expand their projects and make the process easier and faster. Due to these tools, many actions can be automatized, which is especially beneficial when you have to perform them again and again.

Most of these instruments use general libraries and reusable elements to scale the number of operations back. From the first days of its existence, Node.js proved to be a convenient programming environment and a large number of frameworks were launched. Read on to find out more about the most impressive ones.

List of Top Node.js Frameworks You Should Consider in 2019

Here are seven Node.js Frameworks worth your attention in 2020.


While providing a wide range of HTTP utility methods, Express.js can boast of having high speed and little weight. This Node.js framework is used for all kinds of apps and delivers value-adding features. Mostly, developers use this instrument for live-chat and streaming applications, because it ensures great real-time performance.

Therefore, this tool can be easily used to add channels of professional support to a website and communicate with clients efficiently. What is more, Express can create REST APIs and has straightforward database integration.


Adonis.js is an optimal choice for those, who create server-side apps since this tool offers a reliable platform supported by ORM. Also, it allows for quick and simple SQL query building. Other databases work no less well with Adonis. So if you are using a similar but more complicated Laravel for these purposes, you should consider switching to Adonis.


Hapi.js provides various plugins and tools to ensure efficient communication inside of a large team of developers. Every member can work on his own part of the project and perform different actions at the same time.

With its help, users can easily cooperate, share and reuse various elements while the overall performance stays stable. Today, a web-giant Yahoo utilizes this framework for the proper functioning of their service.


Meteor.js provides a well-packed platform for Java development, especially when it comes to mobile apps. The community of this platform is extremely wide, while well-organized data allows developers to find and manage documents fast. With Meteor, the development process becomes easier, since it provides users with updates in real-time.

This means that once anything has been changed in the app, the initial sample also gets changed. Like many other frameworks, Meteor allows JavaScript to function on both sides – back- and front-end.


Koa.js is a highly-customized and light framework that uses modular methods and helps users build apps efficiently. One of the main advantages Koa has is an ability to prevent and manage any errors that may occur in the process. While this tool might be one of the most complicated ones, developers claim that it is totally worth your time and effort.

The reason for such appreciation is that this tool provides many customization opportunities, offering Node.js developers a changeable app sample to fill up with codes.


Sails.js is claimed to be one of the most popular and highly advanced frameworks for app creation. The reason is that Sails meets the latest app development requirements and orients on structuring. With the help of ORM, this tool can connect various databases and therefore support a lot of projects.

Back-end developers will find it especially useful, because Sails provides users with all basic templates for building already filled up with codes, so you don’t have to write them yourself. The tool automatizes a lot of routine actions and saves your time. What is more, it is compatible with front-end technologies, too. Among them you will find iOS, Windows Phone, Android, React, and more.


With LoopBack.js users can create end-to-end APIs. Also, LoopBack can help you to build models from scratch on your own structure or without having any initial schema. LoopBack also includes plugins for third-party login, OAuth2, and documentation/file management. And the most exciting thing is that it works well with a number of databases like MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, and more.


As you can see, Node.js has a lot of amazing tools to offer and therefore make your coding much more enjoyable and simple. However, the frameworks you choose depend on the purposes you have and the projects you are working on. In addition to great functionality, every framework has a large and friendly community that is always ready to help and support newcomers.

Also, if you are in need of Node.js development services of any kind, you can contact us at any time, because we deliver professional assistance of the highest level!