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Both Node.js development services and PHP are used as server-side programming languages. First is known as a quite simple scripting language. Second one function mostly an environment which allows running JavaScript within it. PHP went alive in 1994 and became the top language of the Web 1.0 epoch. Thanks to it WordPress (along with Joomla and Drupal) was built. This, basically, explains, how millions of popular websites and blogs went live.

Although these 2 technologies have the same purpose and work with the interpreted languages, each of them has some advantages and disadvantages. In the article below we will try to find out the most considerable Pros and Cons of both technologies and compare them.

Node js. Development Services Pros

Super Performance

JavaScript development service have built-in algorithm to process multiple events asynchronously. It allows developers to produce server-side apps featuring high scalability which can handle different requests at the same time. This is especially important when it comes to CPU and RAM savings. Node js. would be a perfect solution if you need to service more concurrent queries and requests than just standard multi-threaded servers. Basically, this is one of the most meaningful reasons why Node.js is commonly used in applications and input/output-bound workflows which act on data. The framework also provides amazing run-time live performance of single-page apps.

Node.js development services: connecting people

Most of the modern client-side framework are based on JS, which is not a surprise considering the fact that all modern browsers are written in this language. Obviously, it is convenient for both front- and back-end devs to deal with the common language through the whole development process. In addition, it is significantly easier to work on the app and build collaboration with the front-end guys when you have a common data structure, functions, expressions, etc.
Thus, using Node.js development service allows developers to make collaboration between teams more efficient, reduce the number of bugs, and, finally, deliver the project faster.

Rich and flexible

There are just a few tough conditions and rules that may limit Node.js developers in some way. Since Node is an un-opinionated framework, it doesn’t impose any strict convention and lets developers feel free in choosing the most suitable architecture, design-related patterns, different modules/features for the project. Moreover, it grants access to the NPM library where thousands of powerful extensions for different purposes can be found.

Node js. Development Services Cons

Not perfect for the CPU-intensive apps

When it comes to video streaming or editing, or processing graphic elements, Node js software is not so efficient as you may desire. Although it is perfect for handling concurrent processes/requests, it is not as good for operations increasing СPU load. In the last case, a Node js developer may encounter apps to be unresponsive or even sluggish. That’s why ‘multiple threads’ server solutions are normally used for graphics apps.

Immature ecosystem

Node.js development includes a rather big repository where a lot of third-party modules are. Developed by the community representatives, these components sometimes may show quite a poor quality. Using them may also lead to inconsistent versions containing subtle bugs. Fast modules’ approval and simple mechanism of publishing mean that the developers should pay more attention to the packages and test them before implementing into the project.

PHP Development Services Pros

Impressive codebase

PHP is also popular among back-end developers because it provides quite a large code base for building sites using such popular platform as WordPress. Easy access to CMS along with the web-development tools for Rapid Application Development allows creating blogs or e-commerce websites in half an hour. Most of hosting services offer a plethora of PHP apps as well (cPanel, for example).

When portability matters

If you are looking for a portable app development solution, you, probably, choose PHP.
First, because you can run it on any server/platform. It doesn’t matter if you need to deal with either Apache or Linux, or Nginx, or Windows, – with PHP it is enough to code once and then just put it into the necessary environment.

Second, PHP can count on great hosting support just because it’s PHP. However, you may be asked to have a virtual machine providing SSH access to run some apps.
Apparently, PHP apps are pretty good for small businesses and individuals who don’t demand strong knowledge of cryptographic network protocols, Linux/Unix console commands, methods and tools which are considered to be typical only for the servers.

Node.js development services Gravum photoEspecially for Web

While Java and Python are used in different applications and are known as common languages for different purposes, PHP was invented specifically for the Web. And if you demand full set of functions to control databases (including MySQL), PHP would be a 100% fit. Applying PHP also means that all pages will be generated and then rendered right on the server. Thus, overloading on the client side can be prevented. However, heavy renderings on the server along with a plethora of regular requests may cause some delays for the Single Page Apps. In that case, JavaScript development services are a preferable option.

PHP Cons

Avoid SoC

If you need to implement a Model View Controller (MVC) in order to get a clearly prescribed Separation of Concerns (SOC) applied to the data and to the behavior, it is better to look for an alternative. PHP is not a perfect choice here. While MVC is preferable when you need to make web applications more readable, maintainable, and scalable, PHP can mix language syntax inside HTML. This may result in creating a code which would be hard to maintain, where logic and views are not explicitly separated. So it would be harder to add some new functionality to PHP apps as well as to manage quite a large amount of code.

Not good old

PHP follows a good old classic model which means that each page request leads to database connections, then HTML renderings, and app responses. As a result, you can see slower processing compared to Node js (running invariably and initializing once). So if you consider working with HTML5 features Node js development services would be definitely a better variant.


Therefore, each of the languages has certain pros and cons to consider. So, first, you need to define the purposes of your software and the goals you want to achieve in order to choose the best fit. Apparently, Node js development services provide a bit more opportunities for those who value easier and faster coding. If this is what you are looking for your project we would like to recommend Node.js engineering team at Gravum which is specialized in server-side applications production and implementation.