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Agile Development – The Basics of Building a Flexible Company

agile development

Agile development is a management framework that most contemporary software companies have embraced years ago and still actively use, even though they’re not aware of it. It’s the idea of developing software in a flexible, fast-paced and open-minded manner, with lots of focus on rapid results, efficiency, and most importantly…

Best Video Conferencing Software for 2020

video conferencing software

Just recently, remote communication through video conferencing software has become increasingly relevant. In particular, due to the global quarantine situation, which has been prolonged for an indefinite period. Indeed, right now, it is utterly important to have an efficient way to keep in touch with loved ones, friends, employees, and…

Software Development Methodologies You Should Know

Software Development Methodologies You Should Know

As an IT-market evolves, more sophisticated software development methodologies enter the scene, and there is a reason for that. You see, development companies all around the world strive to be the most cost-effective, the fastest, the most performant. This makes them experiment with their approaches and figure out new ways…

Software Development Outsourcing: Project Management Trends for 2019

Software Development Outsourcing: Trends for PMs in 2019. From Gravum experts

There are good Project Managers in the software development outsourcing process. They are used to analyzing their teams’ challenges and approaches, meeting the client’s expectations, and using tools and methods they work with as much effect as possible. There are smart Project Managers. They foresee their teams’ challenges and approaches,…

Top 5 Most Popular Jira Plugins

Top 5 Most Popular Jira Plugins

Software development is a sort of modern magic – people, who know the special language, can create full-fledged and functional programs to make users’ life easier. Joking aside, this activity is less about magic and more about hard work. Software developers are involved in a multilevel process of designing, specifying, programming,…