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Simplifying The Development Process With CI/CD

CI/CD Pipeline is important

When building an application or software, it can be difficult or tedious creating new builds that update upon the last. If you have multiple teams working independently on different branches there’s a chance that when it’s all brought together there will be compatibility issues. This can be due to the…

3 Tips On Improving Your Software Product Development Process

As an IT-industry evolves, the software product development process becomes more sophisticated. The market demands more quality, more cost-effective solutions, and the industry responds with software product development lifecycle improvements. Let’s discover 3 ways to enhance your software development and figure out how to select the best-outsourced software product development services…

Reasons Why a Fintech Firm Needs Software Development Outsourcing

Software Development Outsourcing in FinTech Gravum, photo

How does a fintech company keep on the peak of the wave in 2019? The answer is by software development outsourcing. It has already become the main hiring strategy for most industries, especially IT, and key fintech trends are not far behind. The reason is simple: if you want to…