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5 Best WebRTC Media Streaming Engines

WebRTC media streaming is a technology that enables easy media transmission using only a web browser. In recent years it became increasingly popular due to its simplicity. There was a time when you had to develop something that would allow voice or video calling, most likely using C or C++….

Top 5 Node.JS Development Services

Node.JS Development services gravum photo

Node.JS development services are among the most popular web software development outsourcing solutions. There are numerous reasons why customers opt for node.JS web development. These include but are not limited to the following: Node.JS is resource-efficient. This framework allows creating the whole software product solely with JavaScript. It substantially increases…

Best 10 Platforms for Node.JS Hosting

Platforms for Node.JS Hosting

Node.js is a fairly new software development platform, conceived only in 2009 by Ryan Dahl, but software developers became very intrigued by this new little invention. Historically, JavaScript was known to be used only for client-side scripting.¬†Node.js is unique because it can use JavaScript for server-side scripting, so no wonder…