Dedicated Team Outsourcing Model

The dedicated team model is amongst the most popular software development outsourcing models these days. And there is a reason for it: this model offers a broad range of edges over the alternatives for flexible and cost-effective product development.

Let’s figure out 4 reasons why you should lean towards a dedicated software development team. Our Gravum outsourcing experts will also share tips on finding the most lucrative outsourcing services for you.

1. Dedicated Team Is Flexible: Control The Process And Make Adjustments On The Go

Selecting a dedicated development team model means bringing the best flexibility possible for your project, and here’s why:

  • A dedicated team is always entirely under your control. You decide what your development team is currently working on, you decide how to approach the problems;
  • You can balance your developer resources. With a dedicated team model, you can set the priorities and distribute the developer resources the way you find necessary.

Compared to a fixed-price model, where you only set the final objectives, a dedicated team of developers puts you in charge and lets you control the situation.

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2. Dedicated Team Is Cost-Effective: Pay As They Work

The dedicated development team introduces the following payment model: you pay for the time, not for the lines of code. Now, you might want to ask: isn’t it a potential threat to waste money on nothing?

It really depends on the management and dedicated team you’ve chosen. Paying hourly can both cut and increase expenses. Here are the steps to making the most of your software development outsourcing:

  • Make sure you hire a reputable service provider. We’ll consider selecting outsourcing services in a minute;
  • Always look for opportunities to optimize the workflow and cut budget spending. Don’t assign multiple developers to a task that one developer can cope with. At the same time, don’t set overcomplicated assignments to a single developer. It most probably won’t pay off.

The dedicated team outsourcing model is a powerful tool that can lead to both prosperity and waste of resources. Manage the project wisely, and this approach will be your favorite outsourcing model.

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3. Dedicated Team Is Agile: Implement Your Startup Thinking

Agile development methodology gains interest, as the market requires more flexible, incremental software product delivery. This is where a dedicated team software development approach comes in handy.

You see, thanks to the dedicated team flexibility, pivoting is not an issue for your business. Consider this:

  • You can always go with no specific requirements. There is no need to set an exact final objective, so you stay agile all the time;
  • No excessive planning is involved. As long as you pay hourly, the contractor won’t force providing a strict budget and development planning.

This means that by sticking to the dedicated development team model, you stay agile and open for market unexpected turns and challenges.

dedicated team 4. Dedicated Team Is Transparent: Know Your Outsourcing Provider’s Performance

One of the most burning issues for long-term projects is development efficiency estimation. For instance, fixed-price outsourcing provides you with the cost of the fulfillment of the final requirements. However, it doesn’t reflect the work needed for it. Therefore, the issue of proper development analytics arises.

The dedicated team model is transparent by nature. Here’s what we mean:

  • You have access to all milestone information. This gives you an understanding of how much time developers have spent on them;
  • You can calculate the cost of your project tasks. As long as you can see the total time spent on the tasks, finding out the exact cost of each milestone is a no-brainer (multiplying the hourly rate by hours spent).

With that said, the dedicated team software development model makes your expenses transparent and flexible.

How To Select Your Best Dedicated Team

Now that you know why to opt for a dedicated team of developers, let’s discover the strategy of picking your service supplier.

To begin with, look for developer teams with relevant experience in your industry. These are more likely to understand your business specifics and tend to perform better.

Another aspect of a proper outsourcing provider choice is considering a whole software development market, not just its specific parts. Here’s the kicker: Eastern Europe introduces more and more high-quality development teams to the market in recent years. At the same time, their pricing policies are far more lucrative compared to western competitors.

Now, hear us out: there is no one universal rule like “that’s better, that’s worse”. Everyone chooses what works for them. Eastern Europe is a somewhat new player on the global IT-scene. However, you can already find outstanding service provider candidates outperforming the local alternatives.

The Bottom Line

Every development outsourcing model is good in its niche. While fixed-price outsourcing provides a clear understanding of the final costs of the project, a dedicated team model provides you with flexibility, dynamic project costs, and transparent performance indicators. Implement the benefits of a dedicated team, and it will bring your project to an entirely new level of cost- and time effectiveness.

If you are seeking quality software development outsourcing services, drop a line to our Gravum developers. We are a dedicated development team from Ukraine striving to make the IT-industry a better place. Select Gravum dedicated team, ensure your outsourcing success.