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Software solutions evolve with the companies using them. Software products become outdated and not efficient enough sooner or later. This is where the solutions architect enters the scene.

A solution architect is the driver of the digital transformation. It is a team member responsible for planning and implementing improved solution architecture. Let’s find out what is a solutions architect and how your company can benefit from one. We’ll also cover the aspects of finding the most suitable software architecture developer for your project.

What Is Solutions Architect

The nowadays software development scales imply a collaborative atmosphere when it comes to building medium and large-sized products. Teams of developers work closely with each other to contribute to a single codebase. This is where it becomes dodgy.

Your company needs an expert for thinking through system architecture, building a network of interconnected modules and services. You need a professional that understands how to combine development technologies and make your solution scalable, robust, performant, and cost-effective to build and maintain. it is a solutions architect.

The solution architects might not know all the development technologies in the world to do their job. The thing is, they don’t have to. You see, the core responsibility of software solutions architecture specialists is to organize the product scheme on a high level. They don’t need to know the specifics of the login form implementation, or how the front-end retrieves the data from the back-end.

Why You Need Software Architecture Specialist

There are numerous reasons for you to have a solutions architect in your team. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • You need to maintain and update your software product. With that in mind, you want to organize your software properly. Consider this as an investment in your future development cost-effectiveness;
  • You want to streamline and standardize your development approach. The team of 3+ developers can turn any project codebase into a mess if not managed properly. Solutions architects establish development standards for your team, so the product remains structured and maintainable.

On the whole, software architecture professional creates a software foundation other developers build your product on.

How To Select The Best Solutions Architect For You

Now that you know why solution architects are integral to keeping your app scalable, let’s discover 3 tips on selecting the best one for your project.

1. Look For Experienced Specialists

Hear us out: you can always hire a freshman in the software architecture industry. Nevertheless, if you work with a large-sized project or the budget allows you to get an experienced professional, you should do so.

2. Pay Attention To The Relevant Experience In Your Industry

Specialists that worked in your business domain before tend to perform better. We recommend leaning towards the candidates with relevant industry experience.

3. Seek For Dedicated And Motivated Candidates

Commitment and dedication mean a lot when looking for a solutions architect. This position requires high motivation and will to succeed. Interview your candidates, discover their passions and primary motivation points for their job.

The Bottom Line

Solutions architects are essential members of software development teams. They put your dev process on track, eliminate coding inconsistency, and push your software dev practices towards modern standards.

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