Most Recommended Cloud Consulting Companies for 2020 by TechReviewer

Nowadays, an increasing number of users prefer not to keep personal data on a specific device or bind it to a location. The most efficient solution in this matter is the cloud where you can store information remotely and have access to it anytime, anywhere. The popularity of such services grows by the day in 2020. 

Cloud technologies form one of the leading fast-growing segments in the market. They offer much more convenience and prospects than external and built-in storage. However, due to a large number of offers, it becomes increasingly difficult to pick high-quality solutions from the range. 

To help you out, has compiled the top cloud consulting companies that you can trust with your data. The list may help out both regular users and businesses looking for new cost-efficient data storage. 

What is Cloud Consulting?

For a person who is not related to cloud consulting services, it may be difficult to figure out the essence of the technology. Cloud consulting helps get all people in the know on the subject. 

Almost every modern entrepreneur is interested in cloud computing and is looking for cloud consulting partners to help them succeed with their projects. Clouds can be limited to one organization (corporate clouds) or be accessible to many organizations (public cloud), which makes them equally affordable and versatile.

If your company is of large scale, has sufficient budget, and is focused solely on IT, then it may be reasonable to look and hire experts in cloud architecture, certified cloud engineers, administrators, and other employees with cloud management skills. 

The best solution for any other case, however, would be to find cloud technology partners. Dedicated experts can most efficiently contribute to the development of cloud computing in your organization.

That’s why TechReviewer, one of the best technology hubs nowadays, made a Top Cloud Consulting Companies list based on several profiled studies and market analysis projects.

Companies highlighted by TechReviewer will help you:

  • Find out how your company currently handles data organization currently;
  • Understand the structure and software specifics of cloud software, what business processes it can serve and what expenses it requires;
  • Determine a clear teamwork strategy for employees managing data;
  • Understand which cloud solutions will be relevant for you;
  • Identify which business processes can be optimized;
  • Ensure efficient and secure data transfer (system design along with data integration and migration);
  • Back up valuable data to speed up analytics and reduce the likelihood of data corruption.
  • Keep an SFDC journal to track task completion and better manage projects.
  • Get secure authorization data instructions and establish reliable login credentials for enhanced security.

Why Do You Need Cloud Consulting Services?

It is worth noting that cloud computing allows companies to avoid or minimize the initial cost of IT infrastructure. In addition, they enable enterprises to run their applications faster with improved manageability and lower maintenance needs as well as enable IT departments to quickly configure technologies with high computing capabilities in times of high demand.

 cloud consulting servicesThe ultimate advantages of cloud computing consulting include:

  • Security. When you store information on a cloud server, it is difficult to reach it without the owner’s permission. If you install a physical server in your office, you will find yourself pretty much defenseless against local detractors. After gaining physical access to the server, the attacker gains access to all your information.
  • Eternal relevance. All hardware and software become obsolete over time. For everything to work properly in the long term, you need to constantly update equipment and firmware. If the company has the server, it needs to be constantly maintained and updated for proper operation. Which isn’t the case with cloud servers. 
  • Speed. A company of 10-20 people can move to the cloud in a day or even a few hours. But it all depends on the size of the business and tasks.
  • Saving. Switching to work in the cloud, you do not need to buy any additional hardware. Your employees can do everything via existing computers and the Internet. Moreover, with cloud services, you pay only for the resources you use. 
  • Flexibility. If up to this point, your business has been tied to the office and the hardware-based there, with the transition to the cloud, you gain the ultimate mobility. You can connect to the cloud from any device where there is network access. 
  • Reliability. Every business may experience unpleasant situations with data loss. Clouds help you protect data and prevent such situations with remote storage and system backups. Thus, everything can be restored at once in case of loss.
  • Monitoring. The cloud infrastructure can be conveniently monitored and managed with dedicated tools to track who performs the operations in your cloud, what information they use in the work, and what manipulations occur with data.

What is Gravum?

Gravum is an outsourcing software cloud consulting company. Why should it deserve your attention? Gravum is one of the companies that made it to the top cloud service consulting providers according to TechReviewer, which makes it one of the best on the market. The team’s philosophy is that the main thing in work is high-quality performance.

The company offers a wide range of cloud software packages and custom solutions. Apart from cloud opportunities, Gravum provides a wide range of other services as well, such as web development, mobile development, and custom product design and development. 

You can contact Gravum right now to discuss any technological specifics or issues related to the cloud or order a high-quality software product for your particular business niche.