4 Reasons To Opt For Cross-Platform Mobile Development

As the market pushes on dev time-effectiveness, the cross-platform mobile development becomes more and more relevant option these days. It allows developers like us to focus on what matters and not bother with platform-specific development.

Let’s discover 4 reasons to lean towards cross-platform apps development. We will also cover the best cross-platform mobile dev tools and outsourcing services you can use in your project. Read our article about mobile app development process

What Is Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

In a nutshell, cross-platform mobile apps development is creating a single codebase for all mobile platforms. This way, there is no iOS, Android, or Windows app. Instead, there is one mobile application that compiles into native software for every platform you need.

Let’s discover 4 reasons why cross-platform app dev may outperform the conventional mobile development approach.

1. Dev Cycle Acceleration: Cross-Platform Means Fast

As you may have guessed, mobile development time depends on the platforms you want to cover. When it comes to cross-platform mobile app development, things are different.

The cross-platform approach reduces development efforts to a single codebase suitable for all mobile devices. This way, instead of 2, 3, or even 4 sources, you only need one. This brings immense development cycle acceleration.

2. Cost-Effectiveness: Develop Once, Use Everywhere

No need for keeping multiple platform-specific development experts means cutting down the costs, and here’s why:

  • Native mobile developers cost a lot. The whole problem with iOS or Android development lies in platform-specific knowledge, deep understanding of native features and peculiarities;
  • The hiring process also hits the budget. It is always faster and, therefore, easier to close positions on the same technology stack. This way, cross-platform mobile apps dev reduces complementary expenses for hiring.

3. Development And Management Convenience: Focus On Single Solution

When developing multiple solutions for different mobile platforms, project management can become perplexed. Imagine the situation: you’ve decided to introduce a new feature. Of course, it will impact both iOS and Android solutions. 

This is where it becomes interesting: you start jumping between the Android and iOS teams back and forth, trying to build a holistic approach. It is nearly impossible to manage the task alone. Either you bring additional management powers – which costs money – or faithfully hope that the feature implementation will be a success. We cannot call optimal any of these two approaches.

Cross-platform mobile dev addresses management and development issues. As long as you develop a single solution, you have only 1 objective to focus on. Therefore, the whole development cycle becomes more convenient for managers as well as for developers.

4. Development Technologies: Choose From Various Tech Stacks

Last but not least – technology stack. It is little wonder that developers prefer some technologies over others. Here’s the thing: cross-platform development tools expand your mobile dev opportunities, allowing you to build your application with React-like JavaScript patterns or implement your excellent C# knowledge. 

This means mobile development isn’t only about Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, and Swift anymore. You can use the development stack you like. Such an advantage exposes the mobile development industry for ones knowing only web development stack, for instance.

Best Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools

Our Gravum cross-platform mobile dev specialists have listed the two best tools you can use in your project in 2019. We included frameworks with different programming languages and approaches, so everyone can choose something suitable. Let’s dig in.

React Native

It is a JavaScript-powered API framework. It lets you build your app with the following development technologies:

  • JS;
  • Java;
  • Swift;
  • Objective-C.

The ones enjoying the flexibility of React and JavaScript will appreciate React Native the most. Moreover, it’s well-optimized and suitable for developing software products of any scale.


Xamarin is a .NET technology. This C#-fuelled framework can boast of outstanding code reuse, as more than 75% of your codebase is shared between platforms. Xamarin implements the native interface and API structures, so you can build a truly functional and natively-looking software product with this technology.

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Cross-Platform App Development Services: How To Pick The Best Supplier For You

As for software development services, you must pay special attention to the hiring process in order to make the most of the money you pay. To begin with, look into the company’s past experience. You may find evidence of high-quality services or, instead, find out that they are only beginning their journey in the industry.

Secondly, always have an interview with the contractor before making a deal. Here’s what you need to clarify:

  • Double-check the company info. There can be plenty of fake information about them on the web;
  • Make sure the service supplier understands your project requirements. The service providers with the lack of relevant experience in your industry can simply be not ready for the challenges you set;
  • Figure out whether the contractor is prepared to go all the way. Some companies tend to accept the projects without any estimates for costs and deadlines. You should establish a clear understanding of these points from the outset to avoid misunderstanding and confusion.

The Bottom Line

Cross-platform development is a convenient, fast, and cost-effective way to create functional mobile apps these days. Just choose your technology stack or find a quality service supplier to start building your revolutionary software product.

If you are looking for outstanding cross-platform dev services, drop a line to our Gravum mobile development professionals. We have developed numerous quality products and have a deep understanding of the mobile software market. Opt for Gravum cross-platform mobile development, contribute to the mobile development industry with a game-changing product.