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React development services are becoming more and more popular software development outsourcing method, as this framework gains interest. And this is not surprising: our Gravum analysts believe that this is a natural trend. React is an outstanding development technology, no wonder people are excited about it.

While there are numerous alternatives to React development, the framework remains amongst the most widely used front-end web technologies. Let’s find out why React is a fascinating technology and discover the principal reasons for you to build an app with React.

React Development Services: The Whys and Hows

React has numerous advantages that make it a credible competitor against its rivals like Angular and Vue.JS.

These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Low entry barrier;
  • Flexibility;
  • Backward compatibility;
  • Facebook backup;
  • Virtual DOM rendering;
  • React Developer Tools;
  • React Native.

Without further ado, let’s consider these points one by one in detail.

Low Entry Barrier: Easy To Start, Convenient To Learn

React can boast of low entry barrier, meaning it’s rather simple to start developing with this technology. For instance, in Angular developers need a profound knowledge of the framework ecosystem and specifics along with an Angular CLI installation (if we speak about a comfortable developer experience).

React is a different story. A basic understanding of its reusable components is often enough to start exploring this brush for web development art. This is crucial, whether you are a developer yourself or looking for the React development companies. Here’s the kicker: the easier technology to adopt, the more potential talents will learn it. Think of it as a promising opportunity for you and your software development outsourcing team.

Flexibility: Focus On What You Develop, Not How

React flexibility is truly amazing. The framework is JavaScript-based, which makes the point quite self-explanatory. JS is an exceedingly flexible technology. Combine this with the react component-based modularity capabilities and architecture, and you’ll get a bunch of flexible approaches and methodologies React exposes.

React development services Gravum photo
Backward Compatibility: Don’t Worry About Getting Deprecated

React contributors pay a lot of attention to the backward compatibility. This implies that the earlier, the older versions of React apps without too much of a hassle. Our developers at Gravum know that feeling when you stumble upon the new release notes saying that half of your features won’t work from now on.

Fortunately, Facebook along with other community contributors try their best to provide the best compatibility with older apps, so upgrading to the latest version is never a disaster. Of course, severe vulnerabilities and inefficiencies will be removed at all costs, just like in any technology. It’s just great to know that with React development it will be the least painful.

Facebook Backup: No Worries About Framework Future

This is quite it, Facebook is the founder and the biggest React contributor to React. They support the technology, advance and improve it constantly. Community-driven frameworks are awesome in terms of flexibility and freedom of development direction. On the other hand, having a strong backup ensures that won’t drown on the volatile IT-market.

Virtual DOM: High Rendering Efficiency

Virtual DOM is a technology that allows React to perform the most convenient DOM-manipulations possible. The secret is in storing the document object model in memory and applying needed changes there first. As soon as it’s done, the framework compares the virtual DOM to the actual one and calculates the most performant algorithm to apply the changes to the browser.

This rendering approach is an enormous productivity gain. Your app becomes faster, which is a great impact on the user experience. And UX is integral to quality user engagement and retention.

React development services Gravum photoReact Developer Tools

React Developer Tools is a helpful browser extension allowing you to inspect the hierarchy of the React components, their properties, and states. This is an indisputable advantage of the framework. Having native developer tools is a tremendous help for both solo developers and the companies providing React development services.

Native Mobile App Is Not A Dream Any more

React Native is a modern framework for building real native apps for mobile with React. It is a huge benefit to developers, and here’s why:
React Native apps are native mobile apps. These apps use the same fundamental blocks of the mobile UI as conventional Android and IOS apps do;
React Native is extremely convenient to develop with. Hot reloading features come with a possibility to implement the native code where needed.

Use React Native to create app for both web and mobile platforms with React knowledge only.

The Bottom Line

React development companies lean towards using React as their primary front-end framework. This technology provides vast opportunities for both web and mobile software development outsourcing.

If you need expert help from professionals, drop a line to Gravum. We provide quality results and personal approach to every customer. Opt for the Gravum React development services, contribute to making an IT-industry a better place.