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Nowadays, Enterprise mobile apps disrupt the conventional IT-industry as we know it. Cutting-edge technologies introduce conceptually new approaches to doing business offline and online. Mobile means flexible, and flexible means ready to changes, which is a vital aspect of surviving on the volatile market these days.

Let’s discover the most substantial edges of enterprise mobile application development and figure out how to select the best enterprise app development company for your needs.

Mobile App For Your Enterprise: How It Can Turn Things Around

Company mobile apps address several issues modern enterprises face in the rivalry-driven ecosystem. Let’s find out how it impacts the situation.

1. Increase of Internal Processes Efficiency

There is always room for internal processes optimization, whether you are a small service center company or an IT-giant like IBM or Google. The whole point is to search for these improvement opportunities and eliminate system inefficiencies. This is where Enterprise mobile apps come in handy.

Business aspects mobile apps can improve include but are not limited to the following:

  • Document turnover;
  • Automated workflow;
  • Jobs and employee scheduling.

This way, your company becomes better from the inside with the mobile app.

2. Data Access: Invaluable Information Source

Opting for an enterprise mobile app development platform brings a tremendous strategic advantage to decision-makers of your company. A mobile app is a universally accessible way to know how your company’s doing.

Here’s the thing: having a performance chart and objectives completion statistics with you wherever you are is astounding. Not only you get the full picture of a situation, but you also achieve global control tools to do business remotely.

3. Employee Experience: Happy Employees Are Performant Ones

Think of it this way: the more convenient environment you provide for your employees, the higher performance you can achieve. You see, the whole point is to provide enough opportunities for your people to realize their potential. Enterprise mobile application development is a way to make your employees’ work more time-efficient and let them focus on what really matters.

4. Customer Coverage Expansion: Reach Untapped Audiences

When it comes to reaching a broad audience, many enterprises just stop their coverage expansion as they reach their limit. This is where alternative tools for reaching new people enter the scene.

Enterprise mobile app development platform is a perfect way to let a broader audience know that your business is worth their attention. Here’s the kicker: mobile platforms represent an enormous part of online traffic. If you reach them with quality mobile software, it’s halfway to conversion.

5. Technological Advantage Over Competitors

Being competitive is always paramount for companies striving to succeed. This is why staying technologically advanced is crucial. Faster business process, faster request processing, faster support – every tiny bit of customer experience matters. Here at Gravum, we believe that enterprise mobile application development is a way to be one step ahead of your rivals.

Enterprise Mobile Apps That Actually Made a Difference: Success Stories


Starbucks has initially launched myStarbucks app to provide users with helpful info about company coffee shops and brews they offer. Soon this approach has been complemented by the loyalty program functionality. Later the company has integrated the app with payment gateways, Apple passbook, and other services that made myStrabucks a comprehensive mobile app. This way, opting for enterprise app development, the company has significantly increased its revenue and digital presence.


Ikea has developed an AR Home Planner. This app allows users to virtually install company furniture to see whether it fits their homes. Ikea products appear on the picture your camera takes and it looks so natural, that you believe they are actually there. This brought an innovative and truly immersive experience. As a result, AR Home Planner has significantly improved the customer decision-making process and increased sales tremendously.

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L’Oreal AR app Makeup Genius can boast of an amazing technology of facial mapping, that allows its users to try on company products in real-time. This exposes both entertaining and helpful features, as L’Oreal customers can now have fun and try on beauty products at the same time with just a mobile app installed.

Enterprise App Development: How to Create a Quality Mobile App

The most essential thing you should always keep in mind is your priorities. Remember that your primary objective is to make a customer or employee interaction with your system more convenient, simpler.

As you can see from successful examples, the most excellent solutions come from addressing the real-life issues complemented by immersive interaction.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a loan company, coffee shop, or beauty products corporation, focus on solving the real problems of people you interact with. This approach ensures proper goal prioritization and always pays off.

If you are looking for expert assistance in app development, drop a line to our professionals at Gravum. We are the enterprise app development company that puts solution quality and cost-effectiveness paramount. Pick Gravum as your mobile development expert, make sure your software will be amongst the best enterprise mobile apps.