Hybrid App Development: Benefits and Costs

Choosing the right mobile application model, e.g. a hybrid app development, is a very important stage in its production. It is influenced by several factors, such as the technical assessment of the developers, the need for access to information, the impact of internet speed, whether the application is single or multi-platform. Companies that want to develop an application can choose one of three options for mobile applications:

  • Native apps. By native we mean a mobile application that is created for a specific platform and directly installed on a user’s device (occupying a certain amount of memory). The user downloads such applications through the Play Market or Apple Store. With native applications, companies can make the application according to individual needs.
  • Web applications. These applications work through a web browser on the device. They are essentially individualized websites designed as native applications. In reality, they are not stored on the device. They can be compared with cloud storage as opposed to data stored on the computer’s hard drive. With good, quality development, which includes sizing and scrolling, web applications can work out.

The third type, hybrid applications, we will discuss in detail. What are they, who are they suitable for, what are their advantages and why is it the best choice to satisfy your needs? Let’s see.

What Is a Hybrid App?

A hybrid application is a cross between native and web applications. Like native applications, they are installed on the user’s device and can be found in app stores. At the same time, the hybrid application is developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other more common programming languages, the same technologies that are used to create sites.

Before hybrid apps development, carefully consider what type you need:

  • Mapping hybrid applications
  • Video and photo hybrid applications
  • Search and trade hybrid applications
  • News hybrid apps

There are other types of hybrid applications, that’s why it is worth contacting specialists, who will help you choose the right solution and evaluate your project.

Benefits of Hybrid Applications 

Hybrid mobile application development is more of a software approach than some kind of special application. Its principle is that everything possible is programmed on the server’s side, and the necessary minimum remains on the client’s side.

Hybrid web mobile applications have many advantages over other application models:

  • The main advantage of the cross-platform solution is its low cost compared to the separate development of native applications for iOS and Android;
  • High-quality design, high functionality, and personalization for the user;
  • High-speed work on both iOS and Android. With hybrid mobile app development, you are not limited to one platform;
  • Fast development, and therefore, lower price;
  • Access to two markets simultaneously (AppStore and Play Market) will increase the number of users, as well as the profit;
  • Startups and giants of the IT industry are already using hybrid mobile development;
  • The solution will perfectly fit those who plan to develop visually rich applications, for example, games.

If speed and user animation are not a goal and a necessity for your application, if you do not need to solve complex problems with the application, if you are not involved in individual design, then you do not need to spend a lot of money on native development and it is worth considering a hybrid option.

Cost of Hybrid Mobile App Development

If you don’t take seriously the question of the cost of developing mobile applications, this may ultimately become a problem, and you will have to spend a large budget planned for other purposes on the development. Therefore, it is better to first evaluate your project to find out what budget you need.

Developing native applications, you will have to pay programmers for full functionality, and in the case of hybridity, only for native functions. Thus, you can save your budget. The cost of developing a hybrid application is usually 20-30% less than the cost of a native application for one platform, depending on which native functions you need in the application and how they will be used. For example, a hybrid application will cost 20-30% cheaper than a single Android-only application. 

Choose Hybrid App Development Company

The cross-platform application will be an excellent choice if you need to save on budget, create a relatively simple application or quickly develop an application for at least two platforms. To create a hybrid application, you need a smaller staff of programmers, which will also help you save money.

Application development is a complex system that not everyone can master, that’s why the best option for any business would be to hire a team of IT specialists, such as Gravum. They provide not only the development of hybrid applications but also comprehensive consultations, web and mobile development, software support, and much more. An outsourcing company will help in the development of software, consult you right up to product promotion and gathering an effective team. The main thing for Gravum is quality, that’s why you don’t have to worry about your future project. Specialists have extensive experience not only in the latest technologies of hybrid app development but also in other areas of IT.