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iOS education apps are getting more and more attention, as the culture of mobile devices takes over the education sector. And this is quite reasonable: the digital information field still lacks alternatives to conventional educational materials like books. Combine this with smartphones becoming our day-to-day companions – and the rise of educational iPhone apps is imminent. Let’s discover out list!

Outstanding education apps iOS developers have to offer

1. Duolingo

Learning a new foreign language may be challenging for several reasons. You might have no motivation, no time, or no money to do it. Those are the primary causes of postponing your language learning. With Duolingo, learning Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, or any other language is a whole other story.

Our Gravum iOS experts consider Duolingo the absolute leader amongst iOS education apps in the language learning segment. Here’s why:

  • Duolingo’s experience is immersive. It is like playing a game: you receive coins by completing lessons, you compete with your friends, you have fun;
  • Duolingo is effective. 34 hours spent on Duolingo are equal to a whole university semester of foreign language courses;
  • Duolingo is personalized. You receive a customized set of lessons that adapt to your style of learning. This way, both your grammar and vocabulary improve fast;
  • Duolingo is motivational. Constant reminders and rewards for consistent learning motivate users to keep taking lessons daily.

All these Duolingo features combine into an outstanding mobile app providing precious knowledge for free. Yes, there is a Duolingo Plus Paid Subscription. However, you can use all educational features and fully learn languages without paying a dime.

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2. Elevate

Elevate is a mobile app for brain training. It is designed to improve a broad range of skills. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Speaking abilities;
  • Focus;
  • Math skills;
  • Memory;
  • Processing speed.

What is more fascinating in Elevate, this software product provides each user with a unique personalized program for training. The application adjusts the program as you make progress to maximize the results.

More than 40 games, adaptive progression, performance tracking – these and many other features make Elevate remain one of the best Apple apps for education.

3. TED

TED is a nonprofit organization striving to spread knowledge and ideas. TED format is small talks – less than 18 minutes – full of insightful information. 

TED application is a mobile software that lets you into the world of TED with personalized recommendations that improve your experience. TED takes into account your interests, so the feed is unique and built exactly for you.

TED opens a whole world of motivation, inspiration, and insights with its awe-inspiring content. It is a free mobile software product boasting of high-performance and personalized content. This is why the TED app deserves the title of one of the best iOS education apps

4. Udemy

Udemy is an online course app. It is the leading marketplace for learning online globally. With more than 100.000 lessons and courses, Udemy brings knowledge to a broad audience. From photography and gardening to coding and meditation – you can find the activity you are keen on.

Udemy has both free and paid lessons, so you can always start for free and proceed with advanced courses as you are ready. One more Udemy edge over its competitors is a smart recommendations system. You can get personalized courses offer by answering just a few questions. This means you don’t have to find the courses you are interested in. Udemy does it for you.

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5. Codecademy Go

Learning to code is often challenging and takes time. Use your time efficiently with Codecademy Go. It is one of the best educational apps for iPhone users learning to code. Consider this:

  • Codecademy Go is free. You can join the millions of students for free;
  • Codecademy Go is versatile. You can choose from a wide variety of technologies to learn: web development, computer science, data science, and many more coding areas;
  • Codecademy Go is entertaining. Myriads of interactive lessons provide you with instant feedback on your progress, which makes the learning process both efficient and entertaining.

Codecademy Go is the ultimate learning tool for beginners and intermediates in the coding industry. It is the leading mobile software product in the iOS education apps segment for coders.

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6. StudyBlue

StudyBlue is a crowdsourced learning service for students all around the globe. StudyBlue’s primary educational concept is flashcards. More than half a billion flashcards are currently available to study with.

Here are the features StudyBlue offers to the users:

  • Create and share flashcards;
  • Adding custom educational content like audios and images;
  • Track the performance, take a quiz, set reminders for studying.

StudyBlue stands out in the iOS education apps industry thanks to its collaborative nature. The thing is, you can share the flashcards with your classmates or teachers. This way, you create a shared knowledge base, which is exceedingly useful for both you and the people you are studying with.

The Bottom Line

Learning languages, coding – as well as other skills – made easy with all the educational apps you can find on the web. Success in your education is now a matter of your commitment, motivation, and effort..

If you have a revolutionary iOS app idea, drop a line to our Gravum iOS development specialists. We’ve delivered countless iPhone app solutions and understand how to make your software product succeed. Pick Gravum as your iOS app development outsourcing provider, put your masterpiece among the top iOS education apps.