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Mobile app development is gradually becoming more and more lucrative IT-industry to jump into. The thing is, the better part of internet traffic nowadays is mobile. This happens because smartphones are getting affordable, as well as mobile networks.

Whether you want to create Android app or go for IOS, there are several steps to efficient development workflow. Let’s consider what you should start from, how to proceed with an app idea and how to choose the mobile application development company to fit your needs. We will also cover the app development cost estimations so you can plan your project budget in advance.

Mobile App Development: Is It Even Relevant?

To begin with, mobile dev industry is a highly profitable niche. Here’s the mobile app revenue forecast from Statista. As you can see, there are quite impressive numbers and trends in future years’ forecast. With that said, jumping into this market sector will get even more profitable as time passes.

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Mobile Software Development: Where To Begin

Every successful app starts with a solution idea. A solution that can change daily processes people are used to. You can opt for the cross platform mobile development of the blockchain app or just want to bring quality delivery services to people. Our marketing experts at Gravum believe that the idea is the same: is to bring innovation, a conceptually new approach to performing everyday tasks.

Where Can I Get Ideas?

Here are the steps to come up with a list of issues you can solve:

  • Buy yourself a notepad in case you don’t have one;
  • Jot down all inconveniences you notice in your everyday life;
  • Once you’ve gathered 10 – 30 issues in your list, you are ready to proceed.

When your list is ready, begin reviewing the problems you found and think of how you would address them. You will be surprised how easy it is to find issues to solve. Another thing is to discover the relevant solution that will work for other people as well. This is why you have to validate it before going all in on your app development.

Idea Validation: Ensure Your Mobile App Development Success

You’ve got the application idea. Now, it’s time to validate it. Nowadays rivalry-driven market forces you to spend the least time and money possible to test out your concept. This is where MVPs come in handy.

Minimum viable products are the minified versions of your end-product. MVPs consist of only essential functionality – your app core. This way mobile app developers avoid spending their priceless time on developing complementary features.

To give you a clear understanding of what an MVP should be, let’s consider Zappos experience. They started working more than 20 years ago as a shoe retailer. There were the pioneers in the niche, so there was no guarantee online store concept will work. Zappos tested the concept perfectly.

Idea Validation: Ensure Your Mobile App Development SuccessWhat they did is filled the website catalog with the shoes from the local store. As soon as the user bought a pair, they went to the store, purchased the shoes and shipped them. Here are the reasons why this was a brilliant move:

  • MVP monetary expenses were virtually zero. All they needed was a website and a payment gateway. Zappos didn’t spend a dime on the products they sold;
  • Super fast and efficient. Imagine spending half of the year organizing your warehouses, order management system, etc. Zappos successfully avoided this;
  • It worked. No matter what you say about Zappos case, their MVP validated the idea and took little time and money to develop.

Mobile App Development Team: How to Find Your People

When it comes to IOS or Android app development services, it is crucial to know the outsourcing and management techniques to reach the best performance and cost-effectiveness possible. Let’s figure out how to build a team of professionals and not drown in useless expenses.

Look For Experienced Mobile App Developers

You can hardly predict how people will perform in your project until they get involved. This is where past experience enters the scene. Always look for teams with proven past experience. The longer mobile application development company is on the market, the better.

Opt For Flexible Teams

Hear us out on this one: nowadays agility-driven market often makes companies pivot to withstand the pressure of rivalry. This includes changing technologies. Of course, the tech you use may be an excellent choice for now. At the same time, you won’t be able to say for sure whether it will still be relevant in a year.

With that said, don’t rely on a specific tech stack too much and always strive for flexibility.

The Bottom Line

No matter whether you go for the cross platform mobile development or stick to the traditional IOS or Android app development services, the concept is the same. Start with an idea of a solution for the real-life problem and focus on bringing value to this world instead of prioritizing the profits. This approach ensures success in the long run.

If you seek for expert dev assistance, drop a line to our mobile development experts at Gravum. We strive for excellence and truly care about app development cost and quality.

Opt for Gravum outsourcing services, make sure your mobile app development team understands and complies with your vision.