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Every Node.js development company knows why they picked this framework. Node.JS is a top-notch back-end JavaScript framework. And it is quite popular among developers. Taking the previous year data into account, it is the most widely-used framework in the major IT-industries.

Now, our experts at Gravum understand that this happens for a reason. To be precise, Node.JS is the standard solution for large-scale enterprises for the 4 following reasons:

  • Cross-platform development;
  • Node Package Manager Enterprise;
  • Cross-functional development opportunities;
  • High performance and great scalability.

Let’s consider each of these points in detail to figure out the popularity of the Node.js web service approach and find out how to select the best outsourcing vendor from all the Node.js companies.

1. Cross-Platform Development: No More Platform-Specific Workarounds

Node.js is highly integratable with the cross-platform JavaScript-driven technologies. Here’s the deal: both NW.js and Electron have native support for Node.js. This way, Node.js developer achieves the opportunity to deliver quality and performant desktop app with virtually zero expertise in desktop development technologies.

What is more fascinating, modern IT-giants bet on Node.JS and release tools for the convenient Node.js web application development. For instance, Google Chrome Dev Tools allow you to debug the app backend just like the client-side part of the application.

This brings immense opportunities for the web, desktop, and Node.js mobile app development. This means that Node.js software development is a path to swift and cost-effective solutions.

2. Node Package Manager Enterprise: A Safe Bet For The Vulnerable Enterprise Data

A node package manager allows you to install and update open-source software modules. It is a tremendous acceleration of the development cycle, as Node.js development company doesn’t have to implement all the needed features from scratch. Just install the required software package and you are halfway to make it work.

However, all these benefits become questionable, when it comes to Enterprise-level security importance. Here’s the kicker: the large-scale corporations and government-related companies are vulnerable to the data security breach. The tiniest data leak can lead to drastic consequences. This is why this issue is so crucial.

Fortunately, Node package manager technologies offer a solution for enterprises – the NPM Enterprise. It allocates a private registry for enterprises and provides sophisticated security measures for the code access control.

Node js development company Gravum photoMoreover, Node.js companies can run the node package manager behind their firewall with NPM Enterprise, which increases the security even more.

On balance, NPM Enterprise is a credible package manager solution for the following reasons:
Advanced vulnerability prevention. NPM features are run behind the firewall;
Secure private registry. It is a convenient and safe way to manage JavaScript modules and packages within the company.

3. Cross-Functional Developers: Hire Node.JS Developer – Get The Full-Cycle Specialist

Cross-functional teams are a cost-effective solution for SMEs and agile startups. The whole idea is to create multi-purpose employees in the company. One person can be responsible for the entire app lifecycle, namely:

  • Functionality development;
  • Features testing;
  • Solution deployment and maintenance.

This brings an incredible flexibility boost to your company. With a cross-functional team, you can focus on the tasks, not on who you will assign them to. But how is Node.JS related to this? You see, Node is a JavaScript-powered technology. This fact addresses the issue of all times: the paternal and architectural difference between back-end and front-end technologies.

With Node.JS, a JavaScript developer expands his or her opportunities beyond the front-end side. Here at Gravum, we feel how Node.JS allows us to concentrate on what we want to achieve, not on which development technology to use.

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4. High Performance And Great Scalability: Vast User Experience Opportunities With Node.JS

We all know that high performance is integral to the quality user experience. No matter how functional your app is, if it is slow, well, it is barely worth anything. With that said, low performance can become a real bottleneck for efficient application use.

This is where well-optimized Node.JS ecosystem comes in handy. Here are the most significant performance-related advantages of Node.JS over the alternatives:

  • V8 runtime. V8 is an exceedingly powerful C++ powered engine allowing Node.JS to withstand insane loads and countless simultaneous connections;
  • Native JSON support. This is the most widely used format for the data interchange on the web. Node.JS benefits from JavaScript that supports JSON data natively;
  • Single-threded architecture. Node.JS offers immense capabilities of handling numerous requests without using additional RAM. The secret is in its event-driven handling approach within one thread;
  • Cluster module for the multi-core CPU. When the child processes invocation is imminent, Node.JS exposes the load balancing functionality to maximize the CPU use efficiency. There are tools offering convenient performance monitoring and optimization, so you can deploy the best apps possible.

The Bottom Line

Node.js web service is a highly-scalable and performant approach to creating quality apps, whether on the web, desktop, or mobile. This is why Enterprises of all scales consider this technology as the standard for their dev stack.

If you need expert support for your Node.JS project, reach out to our development and marketing professionals at Gravum. We offer outstanding research and development services and always strive for excellence. Choose Gravum as your Node.js development company – discover the joy of working with truly professional and easy-going experts.