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Software development outsourcing in Ukraine is becoming more and more relevant solution for IT-companies to delegate their development process, and there is a reason behind this. You see, Ukrainian IT-market is growing exponentially, as the immense amount of talented developers from there enter the scene of software product development.

Let’s discover the most significant reasons to outsource your project to Ukraine and figure out how to select the best dedicated team for your product.

Software Development Outsourcing: Why Would You Choose Ukraine For This?

This is a fair question. There are numerous perspective countries providing quality services at competitive prices. China, India, Malaysia – all these locations are also amongst popular outsourcing powers. However, we consider Ukraine a better option.

The point is, a Ukrainian developer community can boast of tremendous potential, which becomes obvious with the latest IT-sector statistics. Here are the figures by Tech Ukraine report:

  • There are nearly 185 thousand software developers in Ukraine. This is a vast amount of specialists for such a country;
  • More than $290m invested in Ukrainian startups in 2018. This indicates how proficient developers are there;
  • Ukrainian export of IT-services represents 4% of the country’s GDP. This is already a huge figure. What is more fascinating, Ukrainian software development outsourcing companies keep this indicator increase every year;
  • A considerable part (near 20%) of the world’s leading IT-companies have their offices based in Ukraine. This shows how cost-effective and high-quality talent acquisition in this country is.

Software development outsourcing in Ukraine Gravum photo

Should I Hire a Dedicated Development Team From Ukraine: The Prospects of The Industry

Ukrainian economy prospers from the impact IT-industry bring to it. It means the country will do its best to keep this market segment grow. This situation shows the software product development services in this country from the following perspective:

  • More and more potential developers are getting involved. It creates countless alternatives to the existing outsourcing teams, and this way creates a natural market competition. It’s a very healthy trend for the services quality increase;
  • Ukrainian IT-industry is very profitable compared to other market sectors there. Our experts at Gravum understand the core progress engine – the money. Here’s the kicker: software development dedicated teams receive tenfold or even greater compensation compared to other industries. It’s an immense motivation for Ukrainians to enter the IT-stage.

With that said, software development outsourcing in Ukraine is a tremendous step towards cost-effective and quality workflow. And it’s only getting better.

How To Select The Best Outsourcing Team For Your Needs: Tips On The Market Analysis

As you may have guessed, you’ll receive countless offers from Ukrainian companies for your project outsourcing. This is where the issue of making the right choice arises. Gravum prepared several tips on picking the best dedicated development team. Let’s dig in.

1. Check Their Previous Projects

Every decent company with a proven record of successful projects won’t hesitate to provide you with their latest works. Quality developers are always interested in showing their expertise. wherever you find company portfolio – in the email or on a corporate website – study these cases to understand whether this team worth your time and money.

Software development outsourcing in Ukraine Gravum photo

2. Take a Closer Look To The Company Website

Our marketers at Gravum can hardly imagine the company offering its services online without a dedicated website. It’s a style of the company, its face, the way to show their dedication and attract customers. Progressive outsourcing companies understand this, so paying attention to the corporate website excludes the low-quality services from your options.

3. Connect With The Outsourcing Team and Talk About Your Project

No matter how experienced the software development team is, they can just not understand your vision and build failure product. You have to be 100% sure developers got your idea, and they know how to implement it.

The Bottom Line

Ukrainian developers are a promising development community. It is a balanced mix of experience, cost-effectiveness, and dedication.

If you feel like outsourcing your project to Ukraine, reach out to our Gravum development professionals. We provide a fascinating quality in the relevant time and budget frames. Start your software development outsourcing in Ukraine with Gravum, ensure your project success.