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The Ins & Outs of the Successful Software Development Team

Efficient Software Development - When Team Structure & Tasking are of Essence

The success of a project is determined by the people who work on it. And this is especially true in the IT industry. Surely, the ultimate “success” of the project is interpreted by managers and developers in slightly different ways. It may mean the popularity of the end product among…

5 Tips to Manage An Outsourced Team of Developers

How to Manage an Outsourced Development Team

Did you know that the global capitalization of the outsourcing market in 2019 amounted to as much as 92.5 billion US dollars? We are confident that these numbers will grow even more this year: after all, many companies struggle to even have the opportunity to hire employees due to the…

Post-Pandemic Software Engineering – Will it Stay the Same?

Pandemic-Caused Software Engineering Changes

Long story short – like many IT, business, and other niches, the field of software engineering definitely takes on a new shape. The global COVID-19 commotion just won’t leave things as they used to be. Yes, any successful commercial, product-delivering activity has always had strong “customer focus” at its core….

Dedicated Development Team: How to Become an Outsourcing Master

Dedicated development team Gravum photo

When it comes to software development outsourcing, it’s always a choice between the dedicated development team and fixed-price projects. Picking the suitable software outsourcing model is vital to your product success. What are the projects dedicated team is the most efficient for? What are the possible pitfalls of this approach?…

Software Development Outsourcing in Ukraine

Software development outsourcing in Ukraine Gravum photo

Software development outsourcing in Ukraine is becoming more and more relevant solution for IT-companies to delegate their development process, and there is a reason behind this. You see, Ukrainian IT-market is growing exponentially, as the immense amount of talented developers from there enter the scene of software product development. Let’s…

Top 8 Software Development Companies in Ukraine

Top 8 Software Development Companies in Ukraine

The fast-paced digitization and software development process has provided a ground for the creation and successful operation of multiple software development companies across the world. Every month, hundreds of new companies register worldwide intending to provide custom software development services that may re-shape the digital strategies of many renowned brands….