A/B Testing Software's of 2020

Any business runs the show on the possibility of having the best possible idea to make it work. In order to get a strong business performance from your site you need to do a significant amount of trial and error. 

This investigative instinct of finding the right solution gives rise to the concept of A/B testing. However, in order for A/B testing to work efficiently we need to make the right strategy with the right KPIs in place along with the necessary tools in combination with the right data required to run the whole show on. 

Before getting to the grill, let us start with the basics.

A/B Testing Overview

A/B testing is the method of testing by comparing two versions of any particular collateral that you have created and then comparing which version worked better based on the comparison results. It can either be a web page, email or any other marketing collateral with changing just a single aspect of the collateral. 

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How to Do A/B Testing? 

Post creating two versions you have to test them real-time either with users or visitors and check for their feedback. This would further tell you which version works better. The test tells us which version and which change has worked the best in the market and this will be with retrospect of the specified metrics and KPIs.

Some commonly encountered A/B testing examples would be testing two web pages. Or testing two headlines in the arena of copy-writing

A/B testing is currently one of the major part of the QA services and hence there are major software testing services companies which are involved in the same.  In Fact there are several software testing outsourcing companies which are currently working to launch some great split testing software in the market by the next year or so. 

Now that we have wrapped our heads around A/B testing and its necessity let us have a look at the top 7 best A/B testing software in the market of 2020.

Since this list is not a one size fits all concept hence we are going to venture on a wide range varying from A/B testing tools for mobile apps to seo to marketing search and collaterals to asset management. 

Top 7 A/B Testing Software’s of 2020


  • Optimizely


Optimizely is one of the business’ driving CRO platforms and it offers unmistakably more than A/B testing. 

Optimizely really offers a scope of items yet it’s Optimizely Web which gives the A/B testing and different highlights for improving site pages. You can develop this with Optimizely X Personalization to convey customized messages to various crowd fragments and Recommendations for Amazon products and content proposals.


  • Adobe Target


Adobe Target is a personalization platform and A/B testing is a by-default offering of the product. You likewise get automated personalization, versatile application streamlining and suggestions dependent on your client behavior and information. 


  • Google Optimize


The platform essentially manages you through a three-step procedure for experimentation, where you make your variation, focus on your audience segmentation and afterward redo your objectives and settings for the test. 

Google Analytics and Google Optimize offer perhaps the best A/B testing arrangements around and you can get pretty much all that you require for nothing. Undertaking brands with enormous groups will presumably need to pursue the Google Analytic 360 suite – which incorporates Optimize 360, even though the free version of the tools also does an effective job. 


  • VWO


Trusted by more than 4,500 venture brands including eBay, Target, and Virgin Holidays, VWO is an A/B testing platform custom-made explicitly for big business brands. In their suite, you can manufacture A/B tests, Split URL tests, and multivariate tests with a drop-and-drop editorial manager. 

To measure the exhibition of your tests, VWO offers a vigorous detailing dashboard. VWO likewise offers a SmartStats highlight that uses Bayesian insights to assist you with running quicker tests, give you more control of your tests, and arrive at increasingly precise decisions.


  • Omniconvert


Omniconvert is a conversion rate improvement platform that offers an A/B testing device, along with personalization, overlay, and segmentation services. Omnivert facilitates running A/B tests across gadgets.

Furthermore, you can turn winning forms of an A/B test into the control for a future test and influence Bayesian insights to approve your tests.  

Omniconvert additionally mixes their segmentation tools with their A/B testing tool to let you test more than 40 division parameters, similar to geolocation, traffic source, and customer behavior, to improve your site’s client experience, item highlights, and convert.  Omniconvert could be an incredible A/B testing arrangement for medium-sized companies.


ab testing

  • Evergage


Evergage keeps us on the subject of experimentation and personalization, controlled by AI. 

Evergage enables you to make one of a kind client encounters for people, over different stages, to live up to their particular needs and desires. By and by, it’s calling upon the intensity of AI to crunch the indispensable information, track client activities and automate processes after reading and studying these successive patterns. 

You get a profoundly advanced set of A/B testing highlights. This is one of the most exceptional experiments, personalization and I available in the market currently. However, this used in extremely advanced forms of A/B testing.


  • AB Tasty


AB Tasty is a conversion rate enhancement programming that offers A/B and multivariate testing, insights, and personalization apparatuses. 

Utilizing their trial tools, you can assemble and run A/B tests, split tests, multivariate tests, and pipe tests with their visual editorial manager. You can likewise use their progress focusing to test based on different criteria like URL, geolocation, climate, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. To help approve your tests, AB Tasty offers reports that show your tests and their certainty levels progressively. AB tasty works best for medium-sized organizations.